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 1 day ago

🚨 The team news is in!

🔴 @Joewillock comes into midfield
⛔️ @RobHolding95 partners @biel_m04
🤝 Granit joins @DaniCeballos46


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@rohinldn @Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Wait what line up did u want?

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@_AA_022 @Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 -has Arsenal Notifs on

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 1 day ago

@UTD_RA @Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Ratio’d lol

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 1 day ago

@erun_____ @Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Rent free

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 1 day ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 AHAHAHAH RELEGATION

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 1 day ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 To all ARSENAL fans, Goodbye. Ive had a long think about it and I have come to a conclusion that I don’t love this club anymore. I hate it. It’s just a tinpot farmer club that has no form of success. I’ve decided to support United, a big team. Time to finally win some trophies

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@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Leeds United vs Arsenal

WATCH LIVE via @arena_streaming

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 1 day ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Small club

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 1 day ago

@Arsenal @Joewillock @RobHolding95 @biel_m04 @DaniCeballos46 Leeds haven’t beaten Arsenal since 2003

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@DonaldJTrumpJr Sounds like it's right up your alley - Insurance Fraud #MondayThoughts

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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain. - Vivian Greene
#MondayThoughts #quote

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ज्ञानी को तो संकेत ही बहुत होता है और मूर्ख को पूरे पाठ्यक्रम पढ़ा डालो तो भी उसकी समझ में कुछ नहीं आता
तो अवश्य जांचिए साधना टीवी पर शाम 7:30 से 8:30

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Exterior design is important because it gives life to your home
My portfolio:
Contact Me:

#3dvisualization #3dvisualizationinterior #mondaythoughts #3dvisualizationstudio #BTSonGMA #3dvisualizationarchitect

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Allah Kabir🎋 *अल्लाह साकार है*
मुसलमान धर्म के पवित्र शास्त्र प्रमाणित करते हैं कि सर्व सृष्टि रचनहार सर्व पाप विनाशक, सर्व शक्तिमान, अविनाशी परमात्मा मानव सदृश सशरीर आकार में है तथा सतलोक में रहता है उसका नाम अल्लाह कबीर है।

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#COVID19 #mondaythoughts @dougducey this will be your legacy...history will not be kind to your inactions....

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