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Join @FLOTUS today in celebrating National Adoption Day, November 21st! Hear her remarks on the importance of a family for every child. #NationalAdoptionDay #ALLINforWaitingKids

On  #NationalAdoptionDay, I would like to thank @CCAInstitute for their dedication to ensuring children’s safety & finding them a forever home. Today & everyday, it’s programs like Angels in Adoption that #BeBest is proud to support.

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@sheba_beta @FLOTUS @CCAInstitute Gut Shabbos I invite you to watch this maybe you'll change your mind with all my love.

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@FLOTUS @CCAInstitute I'm so here for this

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@FLOTUS @CCAInstitute ❤️🙏🏼

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@FLOTUS @CCAInstitute jail awaits your fam

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@FLOTUS @CCAInstitute Follow me for historical #OTD photos. I am hosting a celebration of the new administration via #Periscope on January 20 at 7 PM ET.

Trump lost.

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@FLOTUS @CCAInstitute It would #BeBest if you concede now.

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@FLOTUS @CCAInstitute What about the children in cages you don’t give a sh*t about?

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