The way we currently pay for some of the most costly drugs in Medicare today puts American patients last; President Trump's Most Favored Nation Model will put American patients first.

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@kyldic @SecAzar ABSOLUTELY

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse Um, you'll be hawking Rx for some Chinese drug maker soon, very soon........

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 1 day ago

@NJTrainDelays @SecAzar He was blocked

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse To little to late. Buh bye.

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@SecAzar Just GO

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 2 days ago

@SecAzar 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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 2 days ago

@SecAzar This is another side track to once again divert attention from the lack of work on the virus!! Get testing out now to ALL AMERICANS!! We are dying at the rate of 1 per minute!! PLEASE GET TESTING OUT..DO YOUR JOB AND STOP TRYING TO PROP UP A FAILED PRESIDENT!!!

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@SecAzar Maybe you all could encourage Americans to eat real food and stop cooking with toxic seed oils and filling their livers up on liquid fruit, high fructose corn syrup and address insulin overload? Sunshine on the skin, Vitamin D3 from lanolin, real meat, real eggs, real nutrition?

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@SecAzar Then why hasn't he done anything about it for the past 4 years. Lazy af that's why

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@SecAzar @rebbeca_McC is an example.

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