Our action on rebates has the potential to be the most sweeping change to how Americans’ drugs are priced at the pharmacy counter, ever, by delivering discounts directly to patients and bringing much-needed transparency.

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse I'm old enough to remember the failed RX pricing for Medicare patients Trump tried before

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 5 days ago

@SecAzar @WhiteHouse In Germany I don't have to pay for my medication...

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 5 days ago
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 5 days ago
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@GtrTaz @SecAzar Yes he is going to take the GOP down with him.

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse 🤔
Our priorities are elsewhere right now sir.

How about you address the people:
Waiting hours for food
Unable to pay house notes
Waiting to see if their loved one will live
Working to exhaustion serving patients

My parents failed to teach boasting. I wonder why. 🤔

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse 1 Month, 30 Days, 19 Hours, 2 Minutes, and 54 Seconds

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@SecAzar I suspect these changes will have much more impact on the poor countries in that the companies won't lower prices in the US, but will raise them in poor countries. That would fit in with Trump's America first mentality even at the risk of trashing the rest of the world.

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Every year, Americans have suffered from drug prices driven constantly upward by a shadowy system of kickbacks, and President Trump is putting an end to that.

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With the final rebate rule, President Trump is taking on a broken system, creating incentives to lower list prices and reduce out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs by delivering discounts directly to Americans at the pharmacy counter.

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#covid19 Patients are dying now. We don't have 60 days to wait for Emergency use Authorization for @NeuroRxPharma RLF-100.
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@kristenclove Agreed until halfway through #SistasOnBET

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DAMN YOU TYLER!! I knew we were going to have to wait to see the juicy stuff 😩😭😂 #SistasOnBET

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Bruhhhh the preview for next week 😩😩 y’all gonna stop playing with Maurice like this ! #SistasOnBET

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Karen got the First Lady looking 🔥 #SistasOnBET

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Maurice need to learn how to talk to people doe because he might not come across another Jacobi. #SorryNotSorry #SistasOnBET

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Andi don’t be so damn stubborn. Hayden just looking out for you. #SistasOnBET

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