Every year, Americans have suffered from drug prices driven constantly upward by a shadowy system of kickbacks, and President Trump is putting an end to that.

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@RJDownard @SecAzar @WhiteHouse You know he's not doin shit.
He played golf for , four years. And... That's what he's gonna do the last couple months he's there.. He's not trying to help no one but himself ...

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse Were you all in a cave the last few years? Trump is the President (till Jan 20th), why is he just getting around to this NOW?

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse Lame duck is doing what?

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse Four years in?
Three years after he prioritized the massive tax cut for the rich?

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse 253,000 dead

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@SecAzar Thank you sir

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse I'll believe it when I see it

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@SecAzar @WhiteHouse How's Seema?

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Our action on rebates has the potential to be the most sweeping change to how Americans’ drugs are priced at the pharmacy counter, ever, by delivering discounts directly to patients and bringing much-needed transparency.

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With the final rebate rule, President Trump is taking on a broken system, creating incentives to lower list prices and reduce out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs by delivering discounts directly to Americans at the pharmacy counter.

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