Starting January 1st, the Most Favored Nation (MFN) model will test paying for select, high-cost Part B drugs based, in part, on what other countries pay. This approach introduces market competition into #Medicare, directly and immediately lowering beneficiaries’ costs for drugs.

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 5 days ago

@SeemaCMS @WhiteHouse Wouldn’t @realDonaldTrump properly conceding facilitate a better transition to better serve Americans during a pandemic?

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 5 days ago

@SeemaCMS @WhiteHouse That is a terrible idea

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@SeemaCMS @WhiteHouse 1 Month, 30 Days, 19 Hours, 37 Minutes, and 55 Seconds

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@SeemaCMS @CMSinnovates Wonderful news

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 5 days ago

@SeemaCMS @CMSinnovates Why do other countries pay lower prices, government sponsored/controlled Healthcare. Love the idea but Trump talking out of both sides of his ass, he would claim this is socialized medicine. #DumpTrump

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@SeemaCMS Thank you for all your hard work in this effort!

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