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 1 week ago

Straight from the beauty guru herself @kourtneykardash

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 6 days ago

@pooshdotcom @kourtneykardash Kouttney kardashins😩😩😩😩

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@pooshdotcom @kourtneykardash @pooshdotcom @kourtneykardash I was watching your video on massaging my face last night & I didn’t know what type of product to use..I tried my rose hip oil but I was using so much then I tried Kylie skin victims c again not the best to use..any recommendations would be great.

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 1 week ago

@pooshdotcom @kourtneykardash Are you guys hiring or open to taking on a student intern?? I am nearing my college graduation date (getting my degree in communications/journalism) and it would be an amazing opportunity to learn from your team!❤️

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@MileyCyrus @CashApp $nathanvlacerda

anything could help with my college textbooks. You’re a queen. I’ve been loving you since 2006 #PLASTICHEARTS

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@MileyCyrus @CashApp Hopefully you see this @MileyCyrus ! $BreezyButterfly92 single mom to 3 girls, and a nursing student fulltime. Trying my best. This would be amazing!! #PLASTICHEARTS 💜

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high by mc is so good omg #PLASTICHEARTS

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Who would you vote Artist of the Week ?


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@MileyCyrus @CashApp $nikkib317 #PLASTICHEARTS 🖤🖤🖤

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