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 2 weeks ago

.@davidguetta and @raye lit up the Budapest sky with a their #MTVEMA performance of #LetsLove!!

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 2 weeks ago

@TutorEvelin @mtvema @davidguetta @raye és jövőre teljesen nálunk lesz!!🤯

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 2 weeks ago

@mtvema @davidguetta @raye YAAAAAAAASSSS

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 2 weeks ago
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@mtvema @davidguetta @raye proud of my hometown❤️🇭🇺

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 2 weeks ago

@mtvema @davidguetta @raye Everyone likes miming I see 😂

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@mtvema @davidguetta @raye Great pop track 👍🏻

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 2 weeks ago

@mtvema @davidguetta @raye LOVE THIS SONG

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#Colourpopgivesback Going coconuts, Bare necessities,Dash of spice, and Tuck me in 🥰🥰🥰

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@ColourPopCo Probably everything Colourpop has. 😆 (Excluding Disney Designer which I do have.) Mostly want the vaults and lippie sets. I’m not picky really and need a gaming chair badly. ❤️ Your generosity is never forgotten. #colourpopgivesback

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@ColourPopCo #colourpopgivesback any of the get liner or lip liner sets! Also wouldn’t mind skin care 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

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@ColourPopCo #colourpopgivesback
1. Raw beauty Kristi collection
2. The child pallette
3. Syntex tablet 16 for my son who wants to be animation artist.
4. Starbucks gift card for coffee for my husband.

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#colourpopgivesback so jaded, bare necessities, and like all the lux velvets and glosses. And some lip tints too

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@ColourPopCo #colourpopgivesback
My list:
colourpop: the holiday vaults and being in the PR list
huda beauty:all the nude,pastel, and normal obsessions palettes,rose gold remastered palette
A MacBook, the new iPhone

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