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Before you show up to the polls, know your rights. @WhenWeAllVote and @866OURVOTE are here to help.

Happy Election Day!!

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@noelle2k10 @kourtneykardash to get the orange out of office

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 3 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash what’s happy about it kourtney

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 3 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash Yes Kourt!!! Good Luck to all USA people, to have a very peaceful election!!! Muaaaaa Kises and Hugs!!!

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 3 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash Gooo Biden

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 3 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash It's absolutely imperative that people know their voting rights. Great point.

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 3 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash Happy Election Day for you! ❤

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 3 weeks ago

@kourtneykardash 🤍🤍🤍

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@kourtneykardash VOTE VOTE 🤞

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The only chance Curry and Manning have of winning #TheMatch now is if they tell Phil it’s actually the US Open

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wtf is #TheMatch 😐

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What do I need to do to play #TheMatch next year!?

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Next time #TheMatch happens I want to see @EliManning and @IanJamesPoulter v @PhilMickelson and Peyton Manning. Who's with me?? #ManningBowl @BleacherReport

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They out there playing bumper Cars at #TheMatch

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I got to play a round with Charles in Tahoe and his commitment to thanking fans for being there was so wholesome. Seeing him make people’s day on this broadcast even if it’s just a few spectators is so 🥺 #TheMatch

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