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 4 months ago

At Vanderbilt University’s Frist Center for Autism and Innovation, a data scientist on the autism spectrum and @andersoncooper compare visual problem-solving abilities using a block design test.

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 2 months ago

@janeschnelle Please feel free to reach me if I can be of any help or if you son would be interested in EY -

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 4 months ago

@60Minutes @andersoncooper Parent of an autistic 30 year old. He graduated from Trevecca University with honors. Not currently employed. I know Kevon Stassum. Very encouraging.

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 4 months ago

@60Minutes @andersoncooper This was a wonderful piece.

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 4 months ago

@60Minutes @andersoncooper Considering what we now know about people on the autism spectrum; some of what we see as a weakness are actually a bonus in certain jobs.

Though I do wonder, if your dyslexia affected you in this. As people with dyslexia often have problems in seeing patterns.

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 4 months ago
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@60Minutes @andersoncooper This was so interesting.

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 4 months ago

@60Minutes @andersoncooper Alec Baldwin was never expected to learn to talk, let alone become a accomplished musician, artist and athlete. Those with autism can give us tremendous talent when we get past the disability and look at their ability. Never give up on those we love

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 4 months ago

@60Minutes @andersoncooper We really enjoyed this segment, and encourage individuals and businesses who are interested in learning more about hiring and accommodating talented people with disabilities to connect with us! Happy #NDEAM and #VR100Years - 2020 is Vocational Rehabilitation’s Centennial year

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 4 months ago

@60Minutes @andersoncooper This segment was outstanding. Thank you for showing that those on the spectrum have traits and talents that are useful and sought.

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@60Minutes @andersoncooper This was such a fantastic interview! The dedication of those companies and others utilizing research programs to prove the benefits of hiring those on the #Autism #60Minutes

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