Replying to @MTVMusicUK: 🖤 @yungblud took actual @taylorswift13's "breath away" with his mash-up of 'cardigan' and @AvrilLavigne's 'I'm With You' 🖤…

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🖤 @yungblud took actual @taylorswift13's "breath away" with his mash-up of 'cardigan' and @AvrilLavigne's 'I'm With You' 🖤

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It is a long journey to self respect. But the reward is exponential.


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Celebrate small victories and the moment in front of you this week, then build on that progress. Wash, rinse, repeat. 🤙
#mondaymotivation #craftbeer

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Remote or home working continues to be a necessary format for many in the current time.

But, how are you and your team overcoming the challenges of working viaa such means?

Let us know your thoughts.

#mondaymotivation #remoteworking #digitalskills #fundamentalskills

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During this time of disruption, one of the most important things to give us back normalcy is setting up a daily or weekly routine. If you look at your day, you can set aside a few minutes you can put intention into #action, and build good #habits!

#MondayMotivation #SMARTgoals

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The knowledge provider ofQuran and Bible is one Allah who says to his devotees Moosa that I have granted you knowledge in Jabalpur this knowledge holdsno importance when compared to the knowledge ofLord Kabir watch Sadhna TV at7:30 p.m.

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Sometimes the best thing we can do is rest. *If* there is one good thing about #COVID, it's that it has forced me to be still in a way I haven't in a LONG time. This week, let's take a moment to rest and recharge. #MondayMotivation #Recharge

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Pretty sure we've just found our #mondaymotivation! 💯🖤 @eliza22ibarra x @emilywillisxoxo

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Allah is not formless. The "birth" of the sky book Touret says in 1:26, 27 that God (Allah / God) created humans according to their nature. This means that God / Allah is also like human.

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