Just watched #TheOutpost based on @jaketapper’s best-selling book. It is an incredible story of courage, and sacrifice by American soldiers in Afghanistan. The movie is intense and illuminating and i keep thinking about it.

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@kris_lovaas Profile picture Kris Lovaas


 8 months ago

@realcrazyblack1 @andersoncooper @jaketapper Yes they do! The vast majority are absolutely horrible people. I don’t know why anyone who isn’t a multi millionaire votes for them. They’re voting against their own self interest.

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@andersoncooper @jaketapper Boa tarde ta ok

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@bibliomania94 Profile picture Connor Bible


 8 months ago

@andersoncooper @jaketapper Clint Eastwood's son Scott is in it, I heard.

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@andersoncooper @jaketapper Don’t think too much lol! 😂

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@dianaimp08 Profile picture Diana


 8 months ago

@andersoncooper @jaketapper I want to watch; I just dread the crying I know I'll do.

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But fr tho if u aint #TeamDino get off the TL

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@Bungie #TeamDino those helmets are what we need

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@MedwingSong Tbh I’m not rly feeling either but #teamDino is superior imo

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Yeah...I had to go with #TeamDino
I wanna see the finished warlock armor...

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@Bungie #teamdino the hunter looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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@Bungie #TeamDino because I have a functioning sense of awesome

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@Bungie #TeamDino Team Dino all they way! Let me live out my Power Rangers Dino Thunder fantasy in Destiny Please!

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