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@kamilaacardozo @realwbonner O Brasil nao .... apenas você !

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@realwbonner O tio voltou.

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@realwbonner Press F for respect

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@realwbonner Ai que saudade de você aqui Tio.

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#OurSurvivalAtStake people are afraid that they will lose their housing. Affordable Housing is already a program in the US. Please help the American people.

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#OurSurvivalAtStake ppl like me are real ppl who are in need of help from the leaders we voted in office thinking they hv ur best interest at heart! You get tired of living on what someone thinks you need while in the meantime they’re raising prices on things they know u hv to hv

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Yet there is still a trillion dollars that has yet to be spent from previous relief Bill's. How is #OurSurvivalAtStake ?

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