Just finished fascinating new book “The Hidden History Of Burma,” by my friend, @thantmyintu. Burma/Myanmar is such a complex country and this book is essential to understanding it better. I highly recommend it!

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@drc883 @andersoncooper @thantmyintu Definitely going to look for this. Thanks!

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@saundraJLeonar1 @andersoncooper @thantmyintu Speak/write legibly and someone could understand WTH you’re talking about.

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@andersoncooper @thantmyintu Beautiful mother & son! I got courage to face my past, tell my 83 yr old mother what her dad did by incest when facing a clergy in sex abuse case & write my book grieving many losses. PTSD held us both silent for 40 years.

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@andersoncooper Loved U in the Lou..
So cool to see you in person.

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@andersoncooper @thantmyintu I'll read if you can provide me the copy of book.

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@drc883 Profile picture Dennis Cadman


 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @thantmyintu Thx for the recommendation. I really enjoyed this WWII book on Burma. It made me love elephants even more.

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@andersoncooper @thantmyintu Well mr. Anderson I'm going to need your help I hope she get this to eat cuz I'm writing a book and it's called why about women it's basically doing the time of your leg part of your mother's life where we don't talk about things so you will understand that but I'm interested in

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@andersoncooper @thantmyintu Just read @brhodes article in @TheAtlantic it’s very dark and. complicated 😑with a pinpoint of hope, in the long long view.

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@andersoncooper @thantmyintu can you send this after the impeachment hearings please?

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#BBCFRollback i would personally prefer XRD getting rollback, but i want the BB community to have their turn as well. BBCF and it's community really deserve it

Also i want to take my Bang out of training mode

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Thank you so much for your patience and support during certified Guerilla Hours™! To @ItsMettsu and @ChickzamaVS for playing (and extra special thanks to Chick for the fat gifts), and to all of you for sticking around.

don't forget, it's #BBCFRollback or bust

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yo BBCF rollback would be sick @ArcSystemWorksU

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#BBCFRollback Just do it BB fans are starving

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No but for real, #BBCFrollback
#Xrdrollback #Rev2rollback

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