Come see me in #Portland on Friday Sept 27 with @arleneschnitzer for @uniquelives.  Join me for an evening of insights and conversation, as I share stories on life, politics and more.  For tickets click

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@susanelson8 Profile picture Susan Elson


 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives Portland - you have to get tickets for this show. Saw Anderson and Andy Cohen last night in Alberta, Canada they were both outstanding and Anderson was hilarious 😂 our group laughed so hard and we would go to see both of them again - enjoy thank you Anderson for a great evening

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@catymandoo Profile picture Brian


 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives Hope it’s recorded and broadcast some time?
The 4800 miles kinda stops me being there! 😢

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@EmeryBiggar Profile picture Emery Biggar


 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives Hard pass... unless @kathygriffin will be with you

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@andersoncooper @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives To much ocean in the way, otherwise I be there👍🍷🇸🇪

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@JohnK21665580 Profile picture JohnB


 1 year ago

@andersoncooper @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives Great place to get a one sided view.

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@andersoncooper @kcorr54 @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives My wife and I would love to, will you be flying us out thanks in advance we love you ...

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@andersoncooper @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives Love the number 27. My favorite lol! I will join you in #Letsgiggle 😂

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@andersoncooper @ArleneSchnitzer @UniqueLives mr. Cooper Vine within the United States I swear to God I would be the first in line to buy ticket your life is so interesting and your mother raised you cool and it's going to be an interesting night congratulations

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@jwb0379 Profile picture JWB


 1 year ago
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