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 1 year ago

New standup special Aziz Ansari: Right Now. Directed by Spike Jonze. Out July 9th on @netflix. (cc: @netflixisajoke)

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@NikoKampouris @azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke I saw him twice dude. Both times I left so moved and with tears of laughter in my eyes. Aziz is my favorite comedian/writer (need more master of none)

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 1 year ago

@tboogerman @azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke WE DON’T LOOK ALIKE

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 1 year ago

@ShittyPickles @azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke And that’s why you’re at the skyline

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 1 year ago

@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke Read this in Toms voice lol

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 1 year ago

@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke This should’ve been a #SpikeLeeJoint lol. Get it together. 😂

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@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke dude; just get a writing job.

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