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Mechanics Strongly Warn Against Buying These Cars At Any Cost

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@ActuallyNPH my 9 year old niece wanted to be #LeilahVernan for #Halloween she absolutely LOVES #TheMagicMisfits. I think she rocked it! How about you? *costume made by my mom*

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@ActuallyNPH Can we hold out hope for a box set of #themagicmisfits? 🤞
My 8 year old daughter is in love with magic, and we're in love with you. It's a perfect match, please say yes! ❤

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@ActuallyNPH thank you so much for writing #TheMagicMisfits. My daughter was running around the house screaming and squealing as she finished up book 4. Thank you for the joy, intrigue and helping reinforce her love of #reading. #thankful #imagination

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My tween has never dug into a book series as much as @ActuallyNPH’s #TheMagicMisfits. It’s so exciting seeing a kid learn to love reading when they find what awakens their imagination.

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@ActuallyNPH My son just started the 4th book, and he's upset that it's the last one because he loves the series so much! He wants to ask you: Do you plan on writing another kids book or series? Also, are there any plans for Magic Misfits to become a TV series? #themagicmisfits

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I am looking for #magicians to zoom with my 3rd Grade Classroom! We would love Magicians to visit and do a virtual magic trick for us! We are reading #themagicmisfits by @ActuallyNPH Thankful for laughter, inspiration, joy& community this book has brought our virtual class.

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Join @DaltonRoss & @JessicaShaw for an all new #EWLIVE at 2 PM ET on @SIRIUSXM 109! @ActuallyNPH talks #TheMagicMisfits w/ a very special fan. @alydenisof tells us about her new show #OutrageousPumpkins on the @FoodNetwork & @JDHeyman talks #Emmys & more.

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Can’t wait to see the happiness on my 9 yo face when he gets home from school & sees we surprised him with book 4! He’s been counting down the days for it to be released. 🎩♥️♣️♦️♠️
@ActuallyNPH @BNBuzz #TheMagicMisfits #TheFourthSuit

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Get ready for magic as @ActuallyNPH releases the final installment of #themagicmisfits with Q&A and ... a live magic show, exclusively at @unlikelybkstore

Sept 17, 6 pm EST (but get your qs in today!)

#Magic #booktalk #hivve #HivveWorld

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The final chapter of Neil Patrick Harris' (@ActuallyNPH) book series #TheMagicMisfits is out today! We chatted yesterday about filming "The Matrix 4," what his kiddos are reading and why his book is a great escape for kids right now.

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Magic Misfits: the Fourth Suit comes out TOMORROW! It’s the final book in the series. The concluding course in the meal. The last piece in the quadriptych. The terminal stop on the train. The end, um, thing in the thing. Buy a copy now! #themagicmisfits

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Hey! I’ve got two virtual book tour events next week. No local gathering for a few, let’s have LOTS of people all hanging out, Zoom-style. We’ll chat, answer question, learn magic. I’m in. Are you? (Link in bio) @bluewillowbooks @unlikelybkstore @littlebrownyr #themagicmisfits

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The Mackay Family from Norton have begun their summer reading! Lily is reading #HarryPotterYear6 by @jk_rowling. Catherine is reading #IllGiveYoutheSun by @jandynelson. Jill is reading #WheretheCrawdadsSing by #DeliaOwens & James is reading #TheMagicMisfits by @ActuallyNPH.

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Thankyou @ActuallyNPH for your brilliant imagination. The first 2 #themagicmisfits books have got us through lockdown, my 9 year old has even started a secret morse code club with his school mates remotely! Just ordered the third book. #cantwait

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This day in #LGBTQ #history Tony and Emmy award winning actor, Neil Patrick Harris, is born.

#podcast #letstalkaboutgaystuff #queer #dayinlgbqthistory #neilpatrickharris #nph #doogiehowser #aseriesofunfortunateevents #hedwigandtheangryinch #themagicmisfits #wig #wigstock #jun15

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Because let's face it: If we run out sometime on friday and we don't have more. They will be coming at me. And they would be right :D

@EisUndDampf, @heckmueller @JudithCVogt --> Very good read. For children and adults (so far ^^)

#themagicmisfits #diemagischen6

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@ActuallyNPH Listening to #TheMagicMisfits while preparing my first online show to try to keep my career going definitely helped inspire this sketch... Thank you for keeping some magic going in tough times for this performer.

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Thank you @ActuallyNPH for keeping my son busy today! I need all the help. #themagicmisfits

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#themagicmisfitstheminorthird #theminorthird #themagicmisfits #neilpatrickharris #book #livro #reading #leitura #euamoler #ilovebooks #bookworm #bookaholic #quarantine #eighthoftheyear #324pages #littlebrownandcompany

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@broadwaycom Loving watching with my kids @ActuallyNPH with his kids. We're reading his #TheMagicMisfits now! We love you so!

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If you're looking for a magical adventure you can read from home give #TheMagicMisfits by @ActuallyNPH a chance.

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@ActuallyNPH "I’m proud and excited to reveal the cover of the final book in #TheMagicMisfits series, The Fourth Suit, coming this fall! @LittleBrownYR "

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@ActuallyNPH "I’m proud and excited to reveal the cover of the final book in #TheMagicMisfits series, The Fourth Suit, coming this fall! @LittleBrownYR "

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How exciting is when a student tells a librarian that he loved reading a
book. This time is TxBluebonnetBk #TheMagicMisfits by Neil Patrick Harris @ActuallyNPH #LiestmanReaders @TBABooks @LiestmanES @Alief_Libraries

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Hey @ActuallyNPH my 10 year old daughter got a copy of #TheMagicMisfits for her birthday and devoured it in 2 days! You've got a new fan. ❤️ #bookaddict

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Magic Misfits #4 cover reveal! Cannot believe I've been illustrating the series for so long, it's been an incredible experience. It's kind of bittersweet to know this is the last book! #TheMagicMisfits @ActuallyNPH #kidlitart #LissyMarlin

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Look it! The last cover reveal of the Magic Misfits series!! For @ActuallyNPH. This cover was loads of fun to work on! Looking forward to sharing interiors and rest of the cover later this year 💕 #TheMagicMisfits

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I’m proud and excited to reveal the cover of the final book in #TheMagicMisfits series, The Fourth Suit, coming this fall! @LittleBrownYR

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@ParsonsPirates students voting for their favorite #TXLA @TBABooks bluebonnet books! We have been reading, book talking, and learning about the 20 authors. Our school winner was #themagicmisfits by Neil Patrick Harris @ActuallyNPH. Looking forward to learning the state winner!

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To celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay our grade 3 classroom family almost finished #TheMagicMisfits by @ActuallyNPH the Ss are loving this book and can’t wait to start the second. We absolutely love the way NPH wrote the book. There are important lessons to be learned throughout!

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These are just a few of the amazing books we got in today! #newbookday #books #booklover #allages #ya #neilpatrickharris #themagicmisfits #marvel #marvelcomics #avengers #thor #rocketandgroot #iamgroot…

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@ActuallyNPH my 13 year old is using “The Magic Misfits” book 1 for a book report. He was wondering what time period the book is set?
#themagicmisfits #magicmisfits

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Can’t wait to get The Magic Misfits by @ActuallyNPH & I can’t wait to make a video about it! #booktube #booktuber #youtube #youtuber #review #themagicmisfits

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