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So was I supposed to receive an e-mail after I #JoinDarkOrder ? @EvilUno

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@Pres10Vance love what ypu did with the 10 the mask and that -1 has one too. Reminds me of the mexican legend El Matematico. 🖐 #joindarkorder

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Oh hell yeah @TayConti_ got back up from #DarkOrder! Leila Grey might want to just forfeit before -1 puts the boots to her. #AEWDark #AEW #joindarkorder

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At Revolution this Sunday,

@SilverNumber1 and @YTAlexReynolds WILL become your NEW Number 1 Contenders for the AEW Tag Team Championships!

#AEW #AEWRevolution #JoinDarkOrder #AEWDynamite #AEWDark

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@AliciaAtout @IMPACTWRESTLING @AEW @MLW And you've become a part of the one of the most memorable heel promo of @IMPACTWRESTLING. I think about @Lady_Scarlett13's one. And numbers 5 & 10 are connected w/ Dark Order these days @Alan_V_Angels @Pres10Vance But never forget! #JoinDarkOrder

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Y con este anuncio todo Dark Order entra a la Casino Tag Team Battle Royale.

Evil Uno y Stu Grayson.
John Silver y Alex Reynolds.
Y ahora 10 y Alan "5" Angels.

Con todo Dark Order!

#JoinDarkOrder #AEWRevolution

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@Slammie0 @Pres10Vance @AEW @EvilUno @annajay___ @SilverNumber1 @ColtCabana @stu_dos @YTAlexReynolds @Alan_V_Angels @ThisBrodieLee @theAdamPage @TayConti_ honestly been down since day 1 with @EvilUno ,@stu_dos and The Gimps Uno used to sit on lol ....but glad you came around #joindarkorder

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@SilverNumber1 spear > Goldberg, Edge, Roman, Rhyno spear

#AEW #AEWDyanmite #AEWDark #joindarkorder #JohnSilver

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Women’s wresting. Injury photo is from over 2 years ago. But you get the point. 👏🏼💜

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Man... finally seen #AEWDynamite . That was a wild show. Starting from @SHAQ being fucking awesome (those chops!!!) and the q and a with @IAmJericho and @The_MJF ... @BASTARDPAC and @ReyFenixMx dominating... @MATTHARDYBRAND and @theAdamPage got me super invested. #JoinDarkOrder

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He Also Would Make An Excellent Addition To #TheDarkOrder @EvilUno. @PaulWight #JoinDarkOrder.

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@SilverNumber1 @EvilUno @YTAlexReynolds
Just purchased my 2nd ever wrestling t-shirt.
My first t-shirt was NWO, purchased in 1997.

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Message to @YTAlexReynolds & @SilverNumber1: there's a guy, I think, who might be ready soon to #JoinDarkOrder... @HAILRyzin! He'll ryze! And at the same time he'll be your dark priest, who can add even more shine to your family. ❤️🖐️ @AEW

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Evil Uno is co-workers with the very large Paul Wight.

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Finally got my Brodie shirt #joindarkorder #brodielee #AEWDynamite #AEWDark #DarkOrder #wrestling #RipBrodieLee #AEWRevolution

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@realUNOgame make this happen!! #JoinDarkOrder

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Soooo.. remember the Uno package concept art I made last September?!

Well, since Dark Order’s made a few new friends, I’ve made some suitable adjustments— ft: @ColtCabana, @TayConti_, @theAdamPage & -1.

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As a lifelong wrestling fan (27 y/o) I can honestly say I finally have a group. I wasn't nwo. I wasn't dx. I wasn't evolution. I wasn't nexus. I wasn't 4 horseman. But with my whole chest I declare I'm Dark Order! #JoinDarkOrder #NegativeOne @ThisBrodieLee @SilverNumber1 @EvilUno

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Gonna tell my kids this is Brodie Lee and - 1. #JoinDarkOrder

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This kid. I love -1. My leader in the Dark Order #JoinDarkOrder

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Love to see -1 but, i miss @annajay___ 😩
#JoinDarkOrder #AEWDynamite

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The best part of waking up is #JoinDarkOrder in your cup 🖤🖐

Still proud of the showing @Pres10Vance had last night. @JackEvans711 officially painted a target on himself. Definitely en route to a title singer than later.

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@Fetusberry yall should follow him dude u rock man 🤟🤟 and dude stay relentless and #joindarkorder

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The real icon of @AEW

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Will #DarkOrder's 10 be able to clinch a spot for the ladder match on Sunday?

Great to see -1!

#AEWDynamite is available through in select Intl markets from #FITE

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