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@UROCKlive1 They have been infected, and not with the virus but with an addiction to cognitive dissonance. Once they invested so much in lies, they cannot come back from it.
Given their denial of #ClimateChange , let's say yes when they want to secede.

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#Climatechange: Will China take a 'great leap' to a greener economy?

@TeeBeeDee1 @OliviaSofiaGram @abutler04 @Boatoptional2 @wickedwone @ShellyRKirchoff @RhodeyResists @TruthBlueIn @ResisterForever @djmonijj @CJ_isnowblue @3214567 @ReSista_Barb @sealmh

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@DNoel97 @wlmckean Some people expect it will happen abruptly.
There's a guy on Twitter who studies #ClimateChange and really understands it. Check him out. You might want to follow him. @basementvegan, Neil. His tweets are thought-provoking.
I'm outta here, Dennis.
Stay safe!!

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@DawnTJ90 @GeraldKutney @Michael_D_Crow @IBergwiesel @IanDJbrown2 @gordonrlove @RoyPentland @BubbasRanch @BridgetHolmstro @StormSignalSA @MikeDel21893959 @HiFiWhiPhi @MedBennett @KirkMMaxey @Climatehope2 @RijpeW @no2wind @Barbarajdurkin @EcoSenseNow @kravietz_ @Dardedar @0Sundance @thinks_about_it @ReckedRik @TheDisproof @jimdtweet @d_e_mol @Narvuntien @riktheozfrog @Bananenrijperij @RustyAway @Skrued1 @Fauntleroy1934 @cjtjgeol @DigDougFTW @bluestflame1 @Biggieol6 @HalleVerkehrt @JohnSmi50968113 @AJamesW2 @ttyEngland @PaprikaLady @Jamz129 @drewman_drew @TyotoRiffle @Over400ppm @Tutkija5 @TQMKA @ShhSami @GavinKreijkes Strange how he is the #goto person for any media which wants #ClimateChange quick quotes? Especially with his self-professed lack of knowledge of anything to do with #ClimateChange?

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Siberian prim­rose has not had time to ad­apt to cli­mate change via @helsinkiuni @unioulu #plantscience #climatechange

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5 Ways To Convince People To Actually Do Something About #ClimateChange: #ActOnClimate

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@SBSNews How could Cormann get to the final two in this vital #OECD selection process?
Catastrophic for global leadership, action on humanitarian issues and #climatechange if he gets the nod!

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"...To them, contemplating #ClimateChange is to not only come to terms with the calamity they are to inherit, but also to process the abdication of responsibility by generations of adults around them..." (3/4)

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Warrier writes, "As an adult, to contemplate #ClimateChange then is to be confounded by its complexity and be unsettled by its urgency. For the young of the world however, there is an added dimension that has received less attention... (2/4)

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It all started with a mint julep on a hot summer day. #Plastic #PlasticPollution #PlasticStraws #PlasticBan #History #Pollution #CleanOceans #ClimateChange

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Check out @joinsciencemoms! Tracey Holloway of @UWMadison is teaming up with women scientists to help make understanding #ClimateChange accessible. 🌎
#WomenInSTEM #WomenScientists #WomensHistoryMonth #ClimateActionNow #ScienceMoms

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CHINA: US-China tensions threaten global climate change efforts #ClimateChange

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"The project will fuel #climatechange by transporting oil that will generate over 34 million tons of carbon emissions each year, more than the current annual emissions of Uganda and Tanzania combined.”

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'How #COVID19 Might Solve the #ClimateCrisis'? "@Graememaxton and @LeeMaxton argue.. #ClimateChange​ can’t be #EconomicSystem. ..' #growth #economics,'..predicated..on exploit..of..planet ..people" | @FacingFutureNow #postgrowth #degrowth

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A large mural of Greta Thunberg has been painted on a wall in Dublin City centre.

Artist Emma Blake said she hoped it refocuses attention on the fight against climate change.

#ArtForOurPlanet #art #climatechange #climatecrisis Via @rtenews

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Register to attend the 2021 #WallStreetGreenSummit — covering solutions to #climatechange at the nexus of finance and technology!

Click here.

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Sometimes the closure of nuclear plants is largely a matter of economics.

#Nuclear #ClimateChange #Uranium #CarbonFree #CleanEnergy #EnergyTransition #NetZero #ESG #NuclearPlants #Nuclearpower

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We need a good news story this week. Enjoy.
A tiny echidna moves 8 trailer-loads of soil a year, helping tackle #climatechange via @ConversationEDU

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GGGI co-organized the #AsiaPacific Regional Seminar on #GreenNewDeal Projects! Participants explored effective & collaborative ways for #climatetechnology development in response to the impacts of #climatechange in the Asia-Pacific!

Read about the event:

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Commentary: A Farewell to Ithaca College after 18 years | The Ithacan #climatechange #usa #education

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The lessons of Fukushima – Nuclear power must be well regulated, not ditched, in the fight against #climatechange

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Great article on, 'Why does truth in brand storytelling matters?' Brands win customer loyalty when messaging and experience work together seamlessly. Some brands and #ClimateChange campaigns miss the mark: via @Marketingland

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BAR is proud to join 130+ leading companies in the #AEC
industry to urge the Biden Administration @WhiteHouse @Potus @Gina_McCarthy @ClimateEnvoy to take action on #ClimateChange in the building industry and #BuildBackBetter. Learn more:

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Research shows planting trees is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis: @guardian #climatechange #energy

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"The We Love...Are Fading Away" is a story about global warming - how much havoc it is wreaking upon the Earth and its inhabitants and the things we can do as individuals/families to save our planet. #PitMad #PB #climatechange

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#BBCWorldNews -2hr

Peter de Menocal, Woods Hole Inst.

=his specialty
=On/OFF switch(NOT 2-way)
=Once OFF, we're done
=Already Being Observed in Recent/peer-rev.Lit.
=Geologic History: the Largest/Most Impactful to modern human life/Most Abrupt+Rapid #ClimateChange<10yrs.

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We’re now seeking input from community members on how to make #fisheries and protected resources more resilient to #ClimateChange. This includes changes in management, conservation measures, and improvements in research. Comment by April 2, 2021 here: .

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Consider #climate when building ~ @earth_grey

“The need to act with intersectionality is playing out in California right now with the dual crises of #ClimateChange and housing affordability.”

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Climate change may bring us more lake effect snow
#snow #climatechange

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Join me and a panel of experts tonight at 7pm Pacific time.
I'm part of a Climate Communication Workshop unraveling the relationship between weather and climate. Here is the link to register:
#science #climatechange #climatescience #sciencecommunication

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Thank you @SenatorRomney @MittRomney for supporting a #PriceOnCarbon to fight #ClimateChange! Thank you for your climate leadership!!

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On a global level don’t we seem to be having an unprecedented number of natural disasters or am I imagining it all?

#ClimateChange #SeenFollowsUnseen

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Will the Earth run out of oxygen?

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A new standard has been developed by @CSA_Group on how Canadian communities can assess #flood risk. Don't miss your chance to review and comment! Public review for CSA W210 is available until April 10, 2021:

#flood #standard #adaptation

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This worries me: the Beaufort Sea has accumulated 40% more freshwater over the past 20 y. Its release could freshen the Labrador Sea waters more than Greenland melt and Arctic sea ice melt, weakening the #AMOC. "Such a process may have already started."

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Republican Senator @MittRomney recently voiced his strongest support yet for a #PriceOnCarbon to fight #ClimateChange.

He's also a member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the Senate.

Thank you, Senator, for your climate leadership!

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