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For my #JMC306 class, I did my showcase on the great
@SalSports. As a member of Bills Mafia, I grew up listening to Sal. He is a legend in Buffalo and a truly great guy. Sal is a big reason why I started broadcasting. Thank you, Sal. #BillsMafia

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@DP_NFL If he wins on Sunday - adjust as necessary! 😉 #BillsMafia

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@marlon_humphrey @BuffaloBills Nice hope you enjoy the Wings! See you next year in playoffs no doubt. #billsmafia

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@DelReid Let them pick against us, it only adds fuel to the teams' drive & fans passion. Go @BuffaloBills ! #BillsMafia

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Came just in time for Sunday’s game!! Let’s go Bills!! #billsmafia #allentown

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Celebra al estilo 'Bills Mafia' tras superar cáncer 🙌 🤩

#BillsMafia I #Virales I #NFL

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Enjoy the wings, Marlon! ✊ #BillsMafia

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Congrats! #BillsMafia are one of a kind. Always doing great things.💯

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This is so awesome 💙🏈❤️ #billsmafia

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@JanetJackson The @theweeknd has to squeeze this into the #SuperBowl performance. With @wolfblitzer too. #BillsMafia

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Even with Mahomes cleared, we’ll still win. #Bills #billsmafia

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¡A celebrar!🥳

Vence el cáncer y festeja al estilo Bills Mafia 😎

#NFL I #Virales I #BillsMafia

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Not even exaggerating... I didn’t have my voice back until Thursday 👏🏼 #BillsMafia

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Happy AFC Championship weekend from your friends at #TheProgram; celebrate with these podcasts! Thanks to @SalSports #BillsMafia @dcwhb #Unleashed #TheDrill stops in Pittsburgh, NYC, & Philly @adamteicher #ChiefsKingdom @Kevinharlan #VoiceOfAmerica

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Mike Vick and Brandon Marshall seeing things #BillsMafia. Ignore that other guy.

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Live look at Bills mafia fans this weekend after they beat the chiefs #BernieMeme #Bills #BillsMafiaChallenge #BillsMafia #BernieSanders

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@arielhelwani let me know where I can catch more of your content dude! I will represent you to the fullest!

#BillsMafia brothas 4 life!

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This rules so hard. #BillsMafia

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Congrats @neilsonvic !!!
Let’s go buffalo

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Video: Bills Fan Rings Bell, Smashes Table After Completing Cancer Treatment - Bleacher Report #billsmafia

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For all us old folks. 😂 It wasn’t easy. #billsmafia

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@news10nbc @whec_nrudd Calkins road middle school in pittsford! Representing #billsmafia and #billsmafiarochester I think we deserve a shout out on channel 10! Go bills!

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This goes to my friend @BaltCoExec @JohnnyOJr as tonight I enjoyed the incredible crab cakes from @CostasInn and lager from @Keybrewing he sent as part of our bet because the @BuffaloBills beat the @Ravens. I highly recommend both to #BillsMafia.


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I’m so amped for the game on Sunday! #BillsMafia

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The Bills are in the AFC Championship, and one of their fans just beat cancer.

So naturally, he celebrated the only way #BillsMafia knows how... by smashing through a table. (via @TMZ, @TMZ_Sports)

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Did you miss any of #TheProgram from today? Make sure and catch all four hours here! @SalSports @dcwhb #TheDrill @adamteicher @Kevinharlan

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📢 #NFL #Playoffs @WeBeatTheLine + @WeSportsBetting - 313 #BillsMafia Vs 314 #ChiefsKingdom on @AllSportsNoBull @Webbie20MLB @PopDibiase @TwitVI @SuperBookCO @SuperBookSports @GamingTodayNews @WebbieSportsInc @ECSportsInvest #AFCChampionship #picks📲👇🎧

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This is a great sight to see for a fellow #Billsmafia member.

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Simply the best! #BillsMafia

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It's been a season unlike any other, but there's no one else we'd want by our side.

We love you, #BillsMafia.

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After 5 months of intense chemotherapy and battling cancer, he rang the bell Bills Mafia style!

Amazing 👏

(via @neilsonvic)

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Thank you for the wings @BuffaloBills I See some big plays made Sunday in your favor!! #BillsMafia

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Mahomes: "I'm playing Sunday"

The Betting Public:

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After 5 months of battling cancer this guy rang the bell in Bills Mafia fashion. Legend. (Via @neilsonvic)

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I don’t know how the 90’s fans dealt with all this stress.

I’ve been pumped all week #BillsMafia

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After 5 months of intense chemotherapy and battling cancer. I got to ring the bell this morning. Bills Mafia Style. GO BILLS. BEAT THEM CHIEFS. #cancersucks #coldfrontreport #BillsMafia #BuffaloBills #nfl

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