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It's #WeddingHour! Any #weddingsuppliers looking for amazing event planning platforms to further their digital business goals? We've got amazing features waiting for you! #wedchat #gateshead #newcastle #northeast #weddingplanner #DIYeventplanning #uplanit

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@GoogleStartups Access to Resources: Capital, Mentors, and Talent #WEDchat #womenentrepreneurs

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@deenapierott No worries, @deenapierott—we'll make sure we catch you for the next one! You can find the full recap of #WEDChat here:

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⚡️ “ #WEDChat Q&A Highlights”

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@GoogleStartups @OwnTrail Funding. Mentorship opportunities. But most of all... help us get the word out! Awareness for most of us is key. Determining our "message" is key. If we have the tools, and the knowledge, and the backers (i.e., cheerleaders), we'll take it the rest of the way. #WEDChat

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Your daily conversation report is ready for #WEDChat for Nov 19th

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@GoogleStartups A single story can create thousands stories. Tell/ Let them tell their success stories to the world. Give them a platform to connect and mentor each other.

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@GoogleStartups If you’re in #atlanta @ATLTechVillage does women + tech events (now virtual!!) every single month. It’s lit. #WEDchat

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Thank you @GoogleStartups for a wonderful #WEDChat event♀️ and to all the amazing founders - you ROCK! Proud to be among powerful group of women💪
@ShearShareCOO @srejax @Pittesque @dianedelava @iffy_khan @drraynapatel @melfellay @TiffanieStanard @ShardiNahavandi @SonjaEbron

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So many ways to celebrate #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay...
ICYMI: follow #WEDChat hosted by @GoogleStartups to gather tips & advice from women entrepreneurs & ecosystem players.

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1. Start by building a strong network of other women founders
2. Leverage 👆🏻 for intros, intel on investors, moral support!
3. Pay it forward to women founders who are coming up!


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@GoogleStartups @yourprimer @GoogleSmallBiz @StartupGrind @Womenseday @techstars @foundergym @patriotbootcamp We share the inspiring stories of women tech founders through our Founded series on YouTube:

We're also looking forward to the @GoogleStartups Accelerator - Women Founders Demo Day on Dec 3rd!


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Women #founders: don't be afraid to prioritize #networking as an essential part of building a #startup! #WEDChat

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@AgniBieniek @GoogleStartups Thank you !! It was amazing to take part in #WEDchat and got great insights and views of fellow women entrepreneurs!!

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@GoogleStartups As founders it’s often been difficult to navigate channels on how to do business with enterprise (such as google). Offering a mentor/path to working directly with Google would be a huge benefit to us. We are B2B and would love that type of support. #WEDChat

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#WEDChat As a journo-preneur, my best place to get & give support is @sheeo_world -- we all put in $1000 p/y and fund biz.

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@GoogleStartups Thank you, everyone! Please stay in touch, and don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything I or @GoogleStartups can do to help you on your #startup  journey. #WEDChat

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@ifyy_khan @jenpilcher @GoogleStartups So true, @ifyy_khan! Thank you for being a part of the @GoogleStartups community. #WEDChat

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RT:@StartupGrind: RT @GoogleStartups: Thank you all for participating in our #WEDChat! We’re proud to support you and celebrate your successes, this #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay and every day 💪. And if you know a woman founder who couldn’t join us today, give her a shoutout by…

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RT:@StartupGrind: @GoogleStartups Become a mentor for female business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are a female entrepreneur, share your story! Your guidance, expertise, and support alone will make a HUGE difference 💫 #WEDChat

Become a mentor for female business owners …

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RT:@StartupGrind: @GoogleStartups @ShearShareCOO @srejax @Pittesque @dianedelava @GalZabib @ifyy_khan @drraynapatel Don’t lose your voice. Be heard 🗣 #WEDChat

Don’t lose your voice. Be heard 🗣 #WEDChat

— Startup Grind (@StartupGrind) November 19, 2020

@startupgrindmb #st

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RT:@StartupGrind: @GoogleStartups An amazing community for women is @JoinElpha! Elpha is a space where women can connect and enpower each other. They offer great mentorship, job opportunities, office hours, and so much more #WEDChat

An amazing community for women is @JoinEl…

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@GoogleStartups #WEDChat At #WEDO2020 today we will explore the many ways in women commit to support #womenentrepreneurs as we do every year. This year is more unique with donations by Nov 30th and #ChooseWomen on Dec 2nd

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@GoogleStartups A big shoutout goes to a few participants of our first @Barclays #FemaleFoundersFirst programme: @BethMmichael, @loralquinn, @Melissa_menke, & @suelinchenfeld. #WEDChat

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@Backstage_Cap would love your thoughts, too! #WEDChat

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@GoogleStartups CAPITAL. Whether it’s introducing me to customers to grow my revenue or introducing me to investors who will wire monies. We figure out the rest when the playing field is leveled #wedchat

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@GoogleStartups Setting aside time once a quarter with women entrepreneurs to assist with their journey or make referrals. #WEDChat

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@GoogleStartups It starts with listening and reflecting back on everything you needed in the beginning of your journey. Writing down what you learned, wish you learned and what you know now and share in a post for women entrepreneurs to read. #WEDChat

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Access 👏 is 👏 everything 👏 #WEDChat

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Thank you all for participating in our #WEDChat! We’re proud to support you and celebrate your successes, this #WomensEntrepreneurshipDay and every day 💪. And if you know a woman founder who couldn’t join us today, give her a shoutout by tagging her below! ⬇️

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@GoogleStartups Show the truth behind the story of founders - it's not always easy, it's a challenging journey but with support and a network to rely on, it can be the story to tell when you retire and your chance to have an impact on tomorrow's world ! #WEDchat

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@Pittesque @GoogleStartups @ShearShareCOO @srejax @dianedelava @GalZabib @drraynapatel The tribe is everything 😍💛 #WEDchat

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@GoogleStartups In the meantime, remember that when you pay it forward, everyone wins. You may not be in a position to invest financially in #startups yet, but you can always afford to encourage a woman who is just starting out. You may make a lifelong friend—and a future collaborator. #WEDChat

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@GoogleStartups Provide access - To capital. To customers. To influence. To community. Women deserve an opportunity to build our businesses with the same resources! #WEDChat

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Another way to help women-led startups scale is reducing gender-related bias at each stage of the investment process. @mmeentrepreneur, @jewelmelanie, @imchristiepitts, @karolihindriks, @maryGrove, @astiaglobal: Any tips on navigating the VC landscape as a woman founder? #WEDChat

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@GoogleStartups @endeavor_global @jewelmelanie @wendydiamond @justsargs @Its_Me_AJB Data shows men treat networking as a critical part of their job, whereas women see it as something they do when the job is done... Leave your male cofounder/colleague working on the urgent brief or sales pitch and go join that networking event! #WEDChat

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After Tom Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes, many of the dark truths behind their glamorous facade emerged—but less known is Tom’s disturbing behavior when it came to his daughter Suri.

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