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#Cameroon #Uganda #Senegal #CotedIvoire pro-democracy leaders face brutal #Dictatorship. Resistance become a duty until Justice and Democracy prevails.
#Independentjudiciary for #Democracy


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Booker, Risch Press State Department on Re-evaluation of U.S.-Uganda Relationship - Insider NJ

#Uganda #South Sudan #Sudan



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Communiqué des magistrats Sénégalais #FreeSenegal

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@Smith_JeffreyT @SenBooker @SenatorRisch @SecBlinken Thanks senators for noting human rights abuses & a historical brutal election campaign in #Uganda. By stealing @HEBobiwine's win, m7 made a coup on #Ugandans.

m7 murders, tortures, steals, & will keep embarrassing US because his thirst for power, wealth, & murder is insatiable.

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Thx you @SenatorBooker @SenatorRisch your letter to @StateDept gives renewed hope to the young people #Uganda whose promise is suffocating under dictatorship. #USA your strongest partner is the people not the person @KagutaMuseveni.

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Why Coronavirus Testing Declined @DailyMonitor: #Uganda

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Qatar Airways to Operate Bigger Boeing 777 to Entebbe and Kigali @DailyMonitor: #Uganda

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@Smith_JeffreyT @SenBooker @SenatorRisch @SecBlinken Many thanks to @SenBooker and @SenatorRisch for standing with #uganda. Ugandans live in fear, countless abducted or missing, and many killed.

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“I have seen a lot of success over the years. Most of our former students now run their own businesses ... I am very proud as a teacher."

Meet Betty, who's helped more than 4,000 former #ChildSoldiers in #Uganda.


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@_MariaBurnett @SenBooker Thank you so much for sharing this letter and fighting for the oppressed. Like #Uganda, what is in #Myanmar, #Cameroon, #Ethiopia, #Rwanda, #Mali and many other areas, is worrying. Yes, proactively, one step at a time #DemocracyShallPrevail allover.

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@observerug #Uganda's museveni, the intergenerational mass murderer & thief of public & private resources, has destroyed all & stolen the hope of many #Ugandans.

m7 is a political & moral parasite on #Uganda & many Africa nations. Peace will not come unless m7 is no longer #Uganda's leader

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Today, so many women and girls still face so many challenges – simply because they were born a #girl. We #Choose ToChallenge that. Will you join us? Donate to support #WomenAndGirls in #Uganda to challenge the status quo and smash gender stereotypes –

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Thank you, @SenBooker and @SenatorRisch, for voicing your concern about unfolding events in #Uganda, and for seeking to hold human rights abusers accountable. Reevaluation of the US-Uganda relationship is long overdue and I hope @SecBlinken takes a hard look this critical issue.

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Museveni is a terrorist. US, EU & UK Ugandans are looking up to you to uphold human rights, democracy, and the rule of law per international covenants that #Uganda is signatory to. @potus @SecBlinken @LindaT_G @SenatorMenendez @Bruna_Annika @EUParl_EN

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Achieving the UN #SDGs takes a global effort. For SDG Action & Awareness Week at @ucdavis, learn about our contributions through research in #Uganda led from @UCDavisARE in partnership with @CIAT, @CGIAR SPIA and @IFPRI.

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The agony of #Uganda: Minister cannot account for missing Ugandans. @APacificiEU , @bruna_annika & @RobertaMetsola please don't put French interests. Ugandans are crying out to the US, UK & EU for help! @SecBlinken @EUParl_EN @SenatorMenendez @SecDef

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@JackieNakibuuka @KagutaMuseveni does this under the watch of the @UN @usmissionuganda @StateDeptSpox @hrw because they are bedding with the dictator in Africa
#Uganda needs to be free.
#StandWithUganda 🇺🇬

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Aria coming through.25 mm mink lashes. Let Aria be the accessory for your eyes #boston #25minklash #BlackOwned #PalaceOfM #IGpalaceOfM #uganda

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Sheila Kasasa // Co-Founder FutureFIRST DC // Ayoo Africa 2020 Top Ten Awardee - Technology & Innovation

#LinkinBio #AyooAfrica #DCAfricaPowerWomen #WomensMonth #DMVNews #DC #MD #VA #TechnologyandInnovation #Uganda

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#Uganda. Museveni , Janet, Muhoozi , Saleh and Rwabwogo export Ugandas Minerals and Human body Organs at a gun point. #Bobiwine #HumanRights #AmericanRescuePlan #Newuganda #HumanRightsAct #

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@UNGeneva @UN_HRC #UgandaIsBleeding
Extrajudicial abductions, killings, Repression & political persecutions in #Uganda. Trumped-up charges & fabricated charges against supporters of opposition especially NUP the youth. #Standwithugandans

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While PHd elite in #Rwanda are busy talking abt Genocide and Covid 19!
#Uganda's Phd elites are showing and teaching their fellow country men the whole progress infrastructure.
Rwanda really need to learn a lot from our neighbors
@jumuiya @KagutaMuseveni @PaulKagame @JonahRuhima

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@11LionsNL It's from the list that a team will be selected to play against the #Uganda 🦁🦁🦁on Saturday, 13/03 in the opening fixture of the #TotalAFCONU17

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Lets meet on zoom 13th.
#jinjascouts #uganda

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@DominicRaab @UN The world should condemn & act now against human rights violations. Too often the UN security Council & UNHRC are complacent while abuses continue with impunity. Freedoms & inherent basic rights are abused by authoritarianism. #Uganda, #Myammar # EndAuthoritarianism & Repression

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The IPOD summit

Imagine after abducting & killing unarmed civilians & subjecting others to severe torture, arbitrary arrests & detention without trial, they're now calling for talks without punishing those who committed these atrocities.

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I knew Idi personally 1960s.
He was very decent, humble person before those who put him in #POWER turned him into a cannibalistic #Monster.
When I met him for the first
he seemed to be a #GOODSOLDIER. #Uganda

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FUFA Banned Police FC Chairman From Football Activities


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From @SenBooker to State re #Uganda, asking for “detailed analysis of US-Ugandan relationship, informed by interagency review of whether continued partnership with an increasingly brutal authoritarian leader poses risks to U.S. interests in East/C. Africa”

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#Business #Employment #Opinion #Uganda #food Ugandans should embrace Agriculture – Farming is wealth via @PerilOfAfrica

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I am General Idi Amin Dada Oumee and have known Nicola since she was 16. I am the King of Scotland and she is my Queen. I have now become a member of the SNP - FREEDOM 🧐

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Did you know @RugyendoQuotes is a PhD candidate or you thought he is @RedPepperUG Hyena?.
Join him Tomorrow with @UNRA_ED @UNRA_UG team to tell us how far UNRA has gone with "Connecting Uganda" and Ugandans to road network 8am

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#Scouts in Africa showed its strength, resilience and ingenuity in turning challenges of COVID-19 into opportunities for community service. 💪 👍

Join us for a virtual #AfricaScoutDay celebration on 13 March 2021 via Zoom: (Meeting ID: 925 2211 7077)

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