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The One Show's Alex Jones says Matt Baker is "really happy" since leaving the show:


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Coming up tonight!πŸ™Œ

@petercrouch will be joining us to chat about the fifth series of his podcastπŸŽ™

Stacey Dooley will tell us about her new BBC series DNA Family Secrets.

πŸ“’And we have a big #RedNoseDay announcement!πŸ”΄

Don’t miss it!


#TheOneShow @ComicRelief

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@tommycerealboy @DavidHanna55 Absolutely. Martin lit that room up like the 4th of July, and rightly so. Adrian really overstepped the mark here, and I've never forgiven him for it #TheOneShow

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Tonight on #theoneshow we'll be chatting with Mike Pence and Steve-O.

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COLIN THE BLIND GUITARISTS INSTRUMENTAL STAY SAFE AT HOME @E502Zandhuis @TtntStudios @EdHarrisMusic @MattBoydston @vanman1000 @JessieLynnJL @KPJgolf @DupyVon @MarkBurridge1 #AmericanIdol #BBCBreakfast #ThisMorning #TheOneShow #StayHome #COVIDVaccination #music

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PLEASE WORLD MAKE COLINS WISH COME TRUE HE IS A BLIND GUITARIST HE WANTS HIS NEW INSTRUMENTAL ONE WISH TO BE PLAYED AROUND THE WORLD #BBCBreakfast #ThisMorning #goodmorningbritain #LooseWomen #TheOneShow #inspiration #GoldenGlobeAwards #football #makecolinswishcometrue

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Coming up at 7pm on #theoneshow: Gary Lineker and Paul Burrell.

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Coming up at 7pm on #theoneshow: Angelina Jolie and Jedward.

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'It took a lot of rehabilitation and two surgeries, but now I can get real loud' 🎢

@ShaniaTwain opens up on how she lost her voice for almost 10 years due to illness.

Full interview πŸ‘‰


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The 3-4-5 Breath - have you tried it? πŸ’¨ @drchatterjee

Find more mindful tips, stories and mixes to lift your mood or calm your nerves in BBC's mental health toolkit 'Headroom' πŸ‘‰

#TheOneShow @bbcsounds

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Coming up at 7pm on #theoneshow: Idris Elba and Ainsley Harriott.

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"The story charts their extraordinary journey through grief and how they came out the other side.”

@hughbon delves deep into the personal life of beloved author Roald Dahl in new film, 'To Olivia'.

Full interview πŸ‘‰


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Coming up at 7pm on #theoneshow: Vladimir Putin and Gary Busey.

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The BBC tumbles further down the woke rabbit hole #Woke #Diversity #CultureWars #DefundtheBBC #bbcqt #bbcnews #bbcpapers #c4news #Marr #bbcgms #TheOneShow #BBCBreakfast #R4today #skynews #Politicslive #Ridge

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Tonight on #theoneshow we'll be chatting with Jennifer Lawrence and Paul Burrell.

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Sitting on the green sofas tonight on #theoneshow will be Roger Federer and Kerry Katona.

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'It’s an amazing feeling when your baby has a baby'

@MrDDyer tells us about becoming a lockdown grandad πŸ’›πŸ‘ΆπŸŽ‰

Watch more πŸ‘‰


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β€œIf you are different, if you are out there, it’s cool.”

@yungblud says David Bowie has been a huge influence in his life and explains what it felt like for his cover of β€˜Life on Mars’ to be chosen for the NASA landing. πŸš€

Full interview πŸ‘‰


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Tonight on #theoneshow we'll be chatting with Selena Gomez and Paul Burrell.

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"I just collapsed on the ground weeping"

@NickyAACampbell tells us the moment he realised something was wrong, which led to his recent diagnosis of bipolar.

Full interview πŸ‘‰


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@Poppy_Hasted Did my first tv item on language back in the 90s. I'd love to do another for today but not sure what program would take it. Hey @BBCOne #TheOneShow fancy updating this item?

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Know an awesome teacher or school who have gone above and beyond during lockdown?

Why not nominate them for The Lockdown Hero Award! ⭐

πŸ“’ Entries are now open πŸ‘‰


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Coming up at 7pm on #theoneshow: Tom Cruise and Gary Busey.

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Coming up at 7pm on #theoneshow: Andy Murray and Jodie Marsh.

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Some people like to spread negativity - then there’s @mcflymusic who bring so many of us joy and comfort during these crazy times πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’– #theoneshow

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Joining us tonight on #theoneshow are Thabo Mbeki and Neil Hamilton.

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Podcast with @AndyTorbet is -LIVE-
Andy takes through his journey from the Highlands to the set of James Bond

Access it via your station through the website

#caving #adventure #podcast #podcasts #jamesbond #theoneshow #tv #television #presenter

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@mbmcfly Some people don't like mcfly being happy.
Reading the comments on #theoneshow and some odd people.

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Thanks for watching! @missalexjones will be back on Monday with @jjenas8, chatting to Stacey Dooley and @petercrouch.

Have a lovely weekend! πŸ’«


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Show was all over the place tonight. Alex J needs a good stable co-presenter. #TheOneShow

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Here it is! A One Show performance of @mcflymusic's, 'You're Not Special'. Enjoy! ✨

Watch in full πŸ‘‰

#TheOneShow @TomFletcher @DougiePoynter @mcflyharry @itsDannyJones

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That was a painful 30mins. The plants had more charisma than all of the others put together #Theoneshow

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"It's like a bubble, we bounce off each other."

Olympic hopefuls, @ClaireCashmore, @MartynRooney and @JThomaskarate talk to @Iwanrunner about the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. πŸ…

Catch up πŸ‘‰


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@TomFletcher @DougiePoynter @mcflyharry @itsDannyJones Brilliant performance guys, as usual! #TheOneShow

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