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We haven’t see Tony & Theo in a while. Bring them back! Also, If my top guy Kyle isn’t there, it’s gonna be a problem 😭 #TheChallenge

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I want Amanda, Da’Vonne, Kam, Laurel, and Jenny back. 😩 #TheChallenge

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Up in the Air:

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Can we also not have Lolo back. Only a wack B leaves the game. #TheChallenge

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Does josh ever stop crying? Can we not bring him back for another seAson please. #TheChallenge

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Following the #BBCAN 🇨🇦 vs #BigBrother US 🇺🇸
Boxing 🥊PPV announcement I found a Jon Pardy hockey fight. Jon #bbcan2 vs Fessy #BB20 #TheChallenge could be fight of the night. #BBCAN9 #TheChallenge36

My full video📽️on the upcoming event can be found here

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sofia suescun is a good person, she collaborated with the red cross for the needy children of c ovid
#TheChallenge #TheChallenge37

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@delaskuin Lo que quieres es que te rueguen, trasto 😂
Oye! Me explicas lo del ht #TheChallenge y Sofía.
Para variar ando perdido

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Josh is such a baby ass baby I can’t. #TheChallenge

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I love Big T and CT as a duo SO MUCH. #TheChallenge

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me da igual que Sofia no gane, el hecho de que han contado con ella, se va a superar y va a conocer otras cosas me fascina
quiero ver a todo TW apoyando a la española que nos representará

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Y cuando se supone que empieza la 37 temporada de #TheChallenge?

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La manera en la que Sofía jamás va a pasar por desapercibida y va a tener mucho éxito en el Reality. Una buena concursante tiene que despertar amor y odio. Sofía lo está consiguiendo y eso que todavía no la han confirmado.
#TheChallenge #TheChallenge37

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#Gorurun #ポップアップショップ にお越しいただいたお客様ありがとうございます😍


3月末までお楽しみいただけますので、同時開催の #TheChallenge と併せて是非覗いてみてください🌟

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The #Survivor pole challenge is also in #TheRuins! Which came first?! #TheChallenge #MTV

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These #TheChallenge couples are still going strong. 👊

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even the missions....getting to smash up a fake hotel room with a guitar while fucking YELLOWCARD performs?!? Go back to this kid of show pls #TheChallenge

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ooohh I’m living for this Trishelle/Miz breakup drama #TheInferno #TheChallenge

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#TheInferno by far has the most entertaining eliminations even tho they’re so simple + the whole cast is just chillin & drinking during it #TheChallenge

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Leroy made it to the finals in his first season, Rivals. What a bad start to a 10ish season losing streak #TheChallenge

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Wow, Rivals is a 1st, where I noticed alterations in the competition for men, a rope, and women a ladder. #thechallenge

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Watching old #thechallenge #theisland Kenny is a misogynist... and as for the GOAT Bananas, he'd already been sent home first a few times so he chose bullying girls to finally win. Darell is real the GOAT... rewatch you'll see #mtv

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Big T and CT's win was Quite Marvelous...but was it legit??

Check out our thoughts on everything that went down on Ep. 11 of #TheChallenge #DoubleAgents

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of course nam supports lolo’s decision, he is lowkey so fucking happy lmfaoooo #TheChallenge

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amber b >>> gabby. she is so worried about amber b for no fucking reason like worry about yourself and your game. #TheChallenge

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@WestonBergmann From one Weston to Another. My idea on how to get to the final. This could be your game. #thechallenge #thechallenge37

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Twist! They can bet their own points on the outcome of the elimination. If they lose their bet, those points are transferred to the winner of the elimination increasing their odds of making it in the Top 3. The top 3 must bet. Give them choices. 2pt,3pt or 5pt. #thechallenge

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lolo has such negative energy!!! she is a sore loser and i feel so bad for Nam #TheChallenge

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Big T and CT are the cutest fucking team. i have never seen CT so patient and so sweet with a partner before. they have great energy. #TheChallenge

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@ChallengeMTV Idea: Bring back the leaderboard. You can earn points. You have to earn a certain amount of points in order to run TJ’s Final. The top three boys and the top three girls can then choose their pick to go against the worst performer.
#thechallenge #TheChallenge37

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I have so much on my DVR to catch up on..... But am I gonna ignore that and continue my #TheChallenge binging?

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i really cannot stand josh #TheChallenge

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The way CT talks to Big T.. is actually amazing #TheChallenge

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