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When it comes to self-doubt, your brain 🧠 can be your worst enemy. @Rico_nastyy shares tips on understanding emotions, getting your mind right and more in #TheAdulthood by #Chromebook

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After Tom Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes, many of the dark truths behind their glamorous facade emerged—but less known is Tom’s disturbing behavior when it came to his daughter Suri.

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#newworkalert 🚨 Real-talk, @DaBabyDaBaby paints his own picture 🎨 @friends_elec rallied the rapper and real-life expert on finding your "thing," and Carving Your Own Lane 🖍 for @Google Chromebook + The Adulthood and @artsletters_xyz #theadulthood

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Super proud to add Google to the client list as the voice of #TheAdulthood by #Chromebook 🙌🏽→

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@Complex @DaBabyDaBaby DaBaby on #TheAdulthood. A combo we always wanted. Cheers to individuality.

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Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? @DaBabyDaBaby drops some truth about navigating passions and figuring out what to do with your life on the newest episode of #TheAdulthood by #Chromebook

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Let’s talk money💰. From the court to the stock market, @VicOladipo knows what he’s talking about. In the latest episode of #TheAdulthood from Chromebook, he lays down best practices for being financially sound, investing wisely & more. Listen here 🔊:

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MONEY SECRETS from Victor Oladipo 💰 Only on 'The Adulthood' presented by Chromebook #TheAdulthood #Chromebook #sponsored

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We tapped @jazzmynejay to share the key🔑 to online dating, confidence and so much more. Swipe right with @jazzmynejay in the newest episode of #TheAdulthood from #Chromebook

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Vic Oladipo has a DIFFERENT approach to investing 😱 Only on 'The Adulthood' presented by Chromebook #TheAdulthood #Chromebook @google #Sponsored

Full Vid:

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Se que algún día me arrepentiré de decir esto pero... necesito una tarjeta de crédito. #theadulthood

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Everyone excited about Halloween and in over here trying to pack and get to work smh

#theadulthood sucks 🎃🖕🏻

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I had a tweet composed in my head earlier today (or was it yesterday?) but now I forget. #theadulthood

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I really like watching Goodluck Charlie. #idkwhy #theadulthood

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WAIT! Didn't we just take down the stupid Xmas tree? #TheAdulthood

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my REFUND gone be too straight but unfortunately I have rent && credit card bills.. #theADULThood <

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