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Wow proud of you @LaurenDuski !! Climbing the charts with this beautiful song!!.
Check out
#LovedMeThatWay by #Laurenduski
#TeamNap #TeamBlake

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Here's who I'm voting for this year and every year on @NBCTheVoice, #TeamBlake y'all. May the best team win 🤣

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@blakeshelton How about a shout out for #TeamBlake @LaurenDuski has a new song out today and it is AWESOME! #Lovedmethatway

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I think instead of driving around looking at Christmas lights this season, I’m going to drive around looking for @IanFlanigan signs all over Saugerties!! Good luck on @NBCTheVoice #TeamBlake thanks @blakeshelton for helping Ian get this far!!

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#TeamBlake's rendition of White Christmas is so special. ❄️

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#TeamKelly acertei a Cami e aceito a Desz <3
#TeamLegend uma pena não poder levar a Chloé junto, aff, bem que podia ter eliminado um dos Blake

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#TeamKelly Cami Clune única escolha possível.
#TeamGwen Payge Turner e Carter Rubin.
#TeamBlake pela primeira vez não tem um que se salve.
#TeamLegend Tamara Jade, Chloé Hogan e John Holiday.

de resto, podia sair todos.

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#TeamBlake's rendition of White Christmas is so special. ❄️

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Get in y'all, it's time for the @NBCTheVoice Holiday Special! #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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I'm so excited about the Holiday Celebration that comes on tonight! #TeamBlake .@blakeshelton #TheVoice

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Well would y’all look who made a visit to my chair! 😂 Who’s tuning in to @nbcthevoice’s Holiday Special tonight?! #TeamBlake #SheltonOnTheShelf

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Thanks for writing this incredible song! Happy I was able to share your beautiful story telling on @NBCTheVoice! 🎙🤠 #teamblake

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.@GwenStefani let out my big secret! My gifts are the best 🎅🏻 #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Taryn Papa, Top 17, performs “I Hope You’re Happy Now” live on @NBCTheVoice! Click here to listen to the @hensoncompany studio recorded version - ! 🎙 @carlypearce @leebrice #TeamBlake #paparazzi #teamtaryn #thevoice @blakeshelton

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Throwback to December 10, 1991! ❄️ Start celebrating the holidays by watching #TheVoice Holiday Celebration TONIGHT 8/7c on @nbc. A certain someone is kicking off the Top 20 holiday song! 😉 Seasons Greetings from my late grandfather and I! ♥️

#TeamBlake @nbcthevoice #paparazzi

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@blakeshelton @gwenstefani @TheVoiceABSCBN I just have to say Ian Flanagan on #TeamBlake sounds like George Ezra 😍 #deepsmokyvoice

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Jim Ranger Delivers Amazing and Very Different Performances -... via @YouTube #jimrangermusic #teamblake #nbcthevoice
Wow,,, Jim Ranger, this moves me everytime I hear it.

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The ladies of #TeamBlake are fierce... and they've got the footwear to prove it! Nothing can get in their way when it comes to the concierge level service of #TheBlakePlan.

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What started as a song written as an apology to an ex ended with giving me the biggest year of my career to date. Thank you for this.. wow. 🥺♥️ #ihopeyourehappynow #iam

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December 3, 2013 - The Voice S5. Blake and #TeamBlake artist from S1 Xenia performed “Silver Bells”.

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4 more days seems too long! #TeamBlake. @blakeshelton #TheVoice

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@NBCTheVoice @jimranger Way to go Jimbo!!! Top 9!!! You got this my friend!! #TeamBlake #JimRanger

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#IanFlanigan is from my hometown and we love him here. His voice is amazing. If you haven't heard him, have a listen. #TeamBlake

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Waiting on @IanFlanigan to do the cover of Sound of Silence (disturbed version) ... 👏🏽🤟🏽 #TeamBlake @NBCTheVoice @blakeshelton get on it...

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#TeamBlake @Blake_Leeper

Can you fucking believe these losers who told a double amputee he can't run in Olympic events because his prosthetic legs are too long?
#FuckTheseJudges #FireYourselfAfterYouReinstateBlake

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My predictions: @IanFlanigan from #TeamBlake is going to take it all the way!! @NBCTheVoice @blakeshelton 🥰🥺

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You’re on #TeamBlake so, you are already a winner 🙌🏻

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.@blakeshelton #VoiceResults I wanna be in the virtual audience!
How can I do that? #TeamBlake

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I’m gonna need more than one of these today!! Thank you everyone for your support this week.. let’s ramp it up and make it happen again next week!! #jimrangermusic #teamblake #nbcthevoice @ Rudy, Arkansas

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@baileyraemusic @NBCTheVoice @johnlegend I am always #TeamBlake but when I hear amazing vocals, I can't ignore it. You, my beautiful girl, are it.

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Thank you America!!!!! I am humbled and grateful to be continuing on the voice!!! #TheVoice #teamblake

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.@IanFlanigan is in the #VoiceTop9!

Drop a 🥳 to celebrate. #TeamBlake

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
Now is your chance to rise above the rest.
Unmatched performance, purposeful engineering, modern design.
Gear up with a machine as savage as you are.
Stylish outside.
Savage inside.

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