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Monday night with #StanleyTucci #SearchingforItaly we are obsessed and cannot wait to travel again 🍝 🍷 🧀

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I’m watching last night’s #SearchingforItaly and it’s about Bologna, so now I want prosciutto, a big hunk of Parmigiano, good balsamic, tortellini, and mortadella. I don’t even like mortadella. Damn you, #StanleyTucci. (Can’t wait until next week.)

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Caught up on the Stanley Tucci #SearchingforItaly series. Makes me want to go back ASAP. The sights and incredible! It’s a great way to discover Italy before you travel there.

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I’m obsessed with #SearchingforItaly. This show and Stanley Tucci are the only thing making accepting that it’s March again a little easier.

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Alright I’m absolutely obsessed with #SearchingforItaly. And Stanley Tucci.

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Watching Stanley Tucci and #SearchingforItaly makes me feel like I’m traveling and I’m here for it. 🇮🇹🥰🤌

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I’m quitting my job, moving to Italy, and becoming a Prosciutto di Parma inspector. #SearchingForItaly

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stanley tucci’s #SearchingforItaly would be perfect if it came with smell-o-vision™️

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I will start packing the suitcases #SearchingforItaly

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@felicityblunt since your hubby is not on twitter, can you pass on a message? I ❤️ his show #SearchingforItaly! It's not jus about food, but culture, history, and current events. Grazi!

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@CNNOriginals Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy #SearchingforItaly thoroughly enjoying this series, Thank you! Funny funny funny scene aired 2/28, the man doing a check on the vinegar with the pipette & Stanley Tucci calls him Pinocchio’a dad. Had to pause TV crying laughter 😂

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Stanley Tucci could raise a fortune for the kitchen in Bologna by selling 6000 Sardines t-shirts in the US. @CNN #SearchingforItaly @CNNOriginals

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I was in France
It was so delightful
Hotel balcony looking at the Eiffel
Champagne sweet going down like Perrier water
No idea Uncle Francoise even had a single
Lyrics here-

#France #confinement3 #NewMusic #lovesong #SearchingforItaly

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I just finished episode 1 of this lovely show. I learned so much about Naples & pizza 🥰 it was a great little escape. Now I’m hungry. #SearchingforItaly

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Dining outdoors in #Wine Country California, Geyserville ~ at Catelli's. Italian food that Stanley Tucci needs to try when he is in town!! Support local restaurants & eat out. Drink local too! We enjoyed @Pedroncelli lovely wines. #SonomaCounty #EatLocal #food #SearchingforItaly

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Anyone know why I was able to watch the Tuscany episode (apparently didn’t air yet) of #SearchingforItaly on @YouTubeTV but can’t find the Bologna episode (from last night)?

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Can I just go with Stanley Tucci. I'm in awe and in love. The food! Italian men. More than I can take. #SearchingforItaly

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No sólo es pasta y pizza, la gastronomía italiana es mucho más rica y así lo demuestra Stanley Tucci en la serie #SearchingForItaly, de #CNN ¡No te la pierdas! 🍕 🍝 🇮🇹 😋

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Stanley Tucci knows a thing or two about cocktails. Visit Milan and experience one of the best martinis on the new @CNNOriginals #SearchingforItaly. Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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The best show on TV right now is #SearchingforItaly on #CNN with #stanleytucci and nothing else compares. The show is so skillfully put together and provides unique insights into Italian culture & cuisine.

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"Forget Paolo, I want Stanley Tucci to whisk me away on a vespa in Italy," - Everyone watching #SearchingforItaly (and definitely me)

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‘Stanley Tucci, Searching For Italy’ #italy #travel2021 #TravelDestination #casagarganoravello #directbooking @ttgitalia #Booking #staycation #amalficoast #SearchingforItaly

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When in Rome! #spaghettiamatriciana @cnn with Stanley Tucci 👏🏻 #SearchingforItaly

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Oh man, I just want wine, mortadella and bread for dinner. #SearchingforItaly

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Hit me with all the Italy, Tucci #SearchingforItaly #CNN

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Rick and I have been watching Stanley Tucci (awesome as Mr. D in #SeaOfMonsters) in his new @CNN show #SearchingforItaly. Little things bring joy for example below is Stanley in a red Gucci blazer. #GucciTucci!

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My heart is so happy watching #SearchingforItaly ♥️ I’m so desperate to get there one day.

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I miss Italy so much and 1 episode of #SearchingforItaly has me learning Italian and planning my next trip when the apocalypse is over. Mangerò tutte le cose. 😍 #italy #Traveller #foodie

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Not only did Stanley Tucci: #SearchingForItaly premiere at #1 in cable news in total viewers, but last week, it was announced that the hit series will be back for a 2nd season in 2022!

Check out a trailer we made as part of the #campaign!

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I have found my quarantine happy place, and it is #SearchingforItaly with Stanley Tucci.

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@AjAnakin @UpstateBri Yes! I looked through the different regions of Italy when I was watching Stanley Tucci’s #SearchingforItaly. Plus, I remember the scene from The Godfather when he asked a guy on the street, “Are you Sicilian?” He said, “No! I’m Calabrese!!!!”

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@dionnewarwick @netflix We are enjoying Stanley Tucci #SearchingforItaly on @CNN.
P.S. - I saw you live at Harrah's Reno in the late 70's. A little know comic opened for you. @jayleno - an outstanding #twofer!

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I should've stuck to #SearchingforItaly watching Stanley Tucci eat while also teaching me Italian today.

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Learn to Make The Recipes of Emilia Romagna from #SearchingforItaly

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so, Bologna is (politics-wise), the San Francisco of Italy?!

and, the foggy microclimate is the reason behind Emilia-Romagna’s agricultural (and resulting, food) dominance?

interesting ... #thethingsyoulearn

#SearchingforItaly 🇮🇹

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Stanley Tucci is a modern renaissance man—a prolific actor, pandemic mixologist and a sex symbol at 60:

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Absolutely love this #SearchingforItaly @cnn #proscuitto #ricotta #parmegianno #mortatella #balsamic #vinegar #tortellini My mouth is watering. Our next trip to Italy will be a Food and Culinary tour! Yes, all their food is made with amore.

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This isn’t the baloney that you’re used to. Experience fine meat that’s completely out of this world. The new @CNNOriginals, Stanley Tucci #SearchingforItaly continues tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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.@CNN picks up critically acclaimed Stanley Tucci #SearchingforItaly for a second season, where Tucci returns to Italy to explore all new regions and cuisines!

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