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IM GOING TO MAKE THEM SEE ME 💯‼️ @ramsnfl @49ers #49ers @patriots #gopats @steelers #steelersnation @eagles #flyeaglesfly  @buffalobills #billsmafia 
#gobills @giants #togetherblue @nyjets #takeflight @ravens #ravensflock @titans #titanup @colts #fortheshoe

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@NFL #nfl FA

More info at
• Leader • High I.Q. • Skilled • Grit

6’2” 220lbs Wingspan 80”
Former S @BuffaloBills
Current DB @sugarskullsfb

CEO of

Self-Rep worked @Walmart
College dropout to GRAD @MTSU
@FSUFootball full ride

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Ravens never needed a receiver... we just needed Kodak #RavensFlock

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Come for the vibes, stay for the mediocre Rocket League gameplay!
#RavensFlock #NFL #Twitch #TTV

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Let’s focus on getting a championship so I can shut my friends up 🥴😩😂 @Ravens #RavensFlock

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Football is greatest game in the world! #Baltimore #Ravens #RavensFlock #Maryland

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@Patrickqueen_ Had a basketball tournament today got a double-double for the #RavensFlock

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Baltimore Ravens most TD passes/game:

Tony Banks - 5 (10-Sep-00 BAL d JAX 39-36)
Lamar Jackson - 5 (08-Sep-19 BAL d MIA 59-10)
Lamar Jackson - 5 (25-Nov-19 BAL d RAM 45-6)
Joe Flacco - 5 (12-Oct-14 BAL d TAM 48-17)


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It’s ok. Gonna have Watson soon #RavensFlock

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@KyleBrandt I love Pat M but I’m rooting for #BillsMafia tomorrow. Really hoping that they will be victorious. -a diehard #RavensFlock

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Well my Pats got issues but your boys plateau....

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🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @DTaylor613 ... Hit’em up #Bmore #RavensFlock

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#RavensFlock - What would you offer the Vikings for Adam Thielen?
Current contract would be - $11.7M, 12.6M, $13.6M, & $16M

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The #Zone32 Podcast presented by @NZIProperties is back! @rare_ribeye and I discuss Mark Ingram's release from the Ravens, and recap all the divisional round games

#RavensFlock #BillsMafia #RamsHouse #GoPackGo #Browns #ChiefsKingdom #GoBucs #Saints

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I need an Anquan Boldin Ravens jersey


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@TS_Gamingtreat @DevDWrld @sad_lions @icybaldwin @XJimboJxx And when there is absolutely Zero pressure or meaniful seasons it's easy to put numbers up when your down big every game and the team & fans have zero expectations for the lions.
#RavensFlock expect playoffs. Like since 2010 7postaeason appearances, 8playoff game wins & a SB

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#matthewjudon replies to a report made by @profootballchase that he wants a contract worth 20 million a year.

Which he says stop lien and also says hes with it. #RavensFlock

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NFL Rumors are heating up. Check out our latest article to stay up to date on the trade talk and our take on if any of these scenarios could really happen.

#RedSea #RiseUpATL #RavensFlock #BillsMafia #KeepPounding #SeizeTheDEY #DallasCowboys #BroncosCountry #OnePride #GoPackGo

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@TS_Gamingtreat @DevDWrld @sad_lions @icybaldwin @XJimboJxx No but as a rookie he took a 4-5 TEAM to 6-1 in his 1st 7games & only loss was in OT to chiefs on road by 3pts.
2015- 5-11
2016- 8-8
2017 9-7
2018- 10-6
2019- 14-2
2020- 11-5

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We Pressha @Lj_era8 I Love You Boy

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#Ravens Matt Judon SHUTS DOWN rumor of him asking for $20 mil per year‼️😯🗣💰

#RavensFlock 😈

What’s next for #99⁉️🤔

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Luke Jones joins Nestor to look ahead at long Ravens offseason @BaltimoreLuke @NestorAparicio #RavensFlock

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Highly recommend folks follow former @Ravens WR, SB XXXV champion, and TV analyst @IamQadryIsmail . He had an incident with his account and had to restart.

#NFL #Ravens #Ravensflock

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@TorreySmithWR Hey, Torrey! My dad was the biggest Ravens fan. Bled purple. If you see this could you please share the page I put together to help my mother with funeral expenses? 💜🙏🏼🥺 #ravensflock #ravens

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@Phillip_Bonne Det håber jeg da #RavensFlock

Men det ville være tosset.

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I originally went #RavensFlock over #Saints
Now I’m going #GoPackGo over #ChiefsKingdom

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If Judon leaves then we have to pursue this future HOF’er #RavensFlock

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I feel like being a Ravens fan is constantly asking others players to come play for us but not them asking to play with for the ravens #RavensFlock

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Awesome article for every @Ravens fan to read. #RavensFlock

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@_willcompton This is such an underrated tweet 😩😩😂😂 #GOAT #RavensFlock

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Final in Baltimore! Ravens 42, Broncos 7.
AFC Championship next week at our house❗️

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Looks like the Judon vs Ngakoue question has been half answered, there’s no way the Ravens are paying that sort of money with much cheaper options out there #RavensFlock

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@RayRice27 happy G-Day we miss u out on da field God Bless u once ur a raven u r forever a raven thank u again for helping bring our 2nd trophy to Baltimore from the worlds number one fan in Oahu Hawaii 701 #RavensFlock #ravensnumberonefan

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@BDHunt @kingzach01 @PFF And I ain't just talkin either u probably da fool dat dreamed u was in his shoes u niggas gotta find something always to down grade my boi @Lj_era8 get off his dick #RavensFlock #ravensnumberonefan4rmda701 #BIGTRUSS #yankeeboi21519

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A great man. Friend for life.

(Might have a few snaps left in him too, if you ask nicely. By a few, I mean one. But boy would that be one hell of a snap.)

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Ravens LB Matt Judon seeking $20M annually

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Dan Campbell On Loafing

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Today on UW: The "Signature" series returns with the Baltimore Ravens; Remembering Henry Aaron & his unis; A Kreindler Aaron; GTGFTS & more (by Phil Hecken)

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These need to be real jerseys. #RavensFlock and not just practice jerseys. there so fire

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