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Actually it's true that 2020 is the best time for music ever. Their are more new independent artists, talents & new music labels, producers we ever had.

"The best time for the music is today, not yesterday, not tomorrow."

#RashmiVirag Sir 🙏😊

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16 Million Views 💥💃🏻

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#TuMeraNahi :

@AmaalMallik #RashmiVirag
@sonymusicindia @AditiBudhathoki

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The beauty of this song always connects every person, every life, every heart.Thank you @AmaalMallik @ArmaanMalik22 #RashmiVirag for this masterpiece. 🥺❤️

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🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😍😍😍😍😍😍 #TuMeraNahi @AmaalMallik #RashmiVirag

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LYRICS: #RashmiVirag

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Thanks for all the love! #BewafaTeraMasoomChehra has crossed 25M+ views on YouTube. Tune in now if you haven’t already:

#tseries @TSeries #BhushanKumar @JubinNautiyal @RochakTweets #RashmiVirag @realkaranmehra @ihanaofficial @AmardeepPhogat @NavjitButtar

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Post Of The Day A Very SuperHit Song #MainRahoonYaNaRahoon 5 Year Of The Complete This
Short Love Story Song
Single is Heart Touching Watch Video
@emraanhashmi #Eshagupta @ArmaanMalik22 @AmaalMallik
Director By #Amit
Songwriter #RashmiVirag
Producer #BhushanKumar @TSeries

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Thanks for all the love! #BewafaTeraMasoomChehra has crossed 25M+ views on YouTube. Tune in now if you haven’t already:

#tseries @TSeries #BhushanKumar @JubinNautiyal @RochakTweets #RashmiVirag @realkaranmehra @ihanaofficial @AmardeepPhogat @NavjitButtar

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#BewafaTeraMasoomChehra is an emotionally charged song about unrequited love and feelings. Share your poems or stories in the comments below. Tune in:
@TSeries @JubinNautiyal @RochakTweets #RashmiVirag @realkaranmehra @ihanaofficial @NavjitButtar

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Please do check out my post on instagram and do read the caption bcoz it has my whole heart and help me to reach it to armaan😭🙏❤️
@ArmaanMalik22 @AmaalMallik #RashmiVirag @emraanhashmi #EshaGupta
@ChavdaHima @AM_Apeksha @AishSpace_amny @GarimaVij6 @nidhi_vohera

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@ShivaniPatel23 Your every word just made me cry🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😭
We love you legends @AmaalMallik @ArmaanMalik22 @daboomalik Shri #SardarMalik #RashmiVirag

Bas itna hai tumse kehna :’)

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"Meri story bhi kuch teri story jesi hi thi.. Complicated!"

#5YearsOfMRYNR A song which connects generations, An untold story of everyone. #MainRahoonYaNaRahoon is an emotion. EVERGREEN!❤

@Amaalmallik @ArmaanMalik22 #RashmiVirag all time favourite! :')

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Every single word is the feeling of parents and children.... The things they want to tell each other but can't express...
Thanks 🙏🙏🙏🙏to #RashmiVirag sir @ArmaanMalik22 & @AmaalMallik bhaiya to make this expressing so easy for everyone....
This song #MainRahoonYaNaRahoon❤️

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@AmaalMallik bhaiyu @ArmaanMalik22 bro
#RashmiVirag sir.
Thanks is such a small word to describe ur efforts & gift to all of us
Blessed to have it 😇
@daboomalik uncle #ShriSardarMalik ji's blessings are always with u both #Malikbrothers

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5 years of Main Rahoon Yaa Naa Rahoon....❤️❤️🙌
Still one of my top favorites 😍
Beautiful music and composition by @AmaalMallik
Heart touching lyrics by #RashmiVirag
And beautifully sung by @ArmaanMalik22 ❤️😍
Thank you for creating this magic🙌❤️

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This is the anthem ... omg @AmaalMallik , your voice, the pain in your voice makes me hug you! So much passion, you filled almost 30 yrs if your life in less than 3 min and described it so well, in nutshell! WOW! Thanks #RashmiVirag sir! Congrats team 🙏🙏

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And ofcourse thanks to #RashmiVirag sir for writing such tear jerking lyrics. #5YearsOfMRYNR

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The song describes the beautiful promises that one makes in love, unconditionally. Beautifully penned by my fav #RashmiVirag It’s not just a song, it’s a love story, that is beyond just a lifetime. Only he could have written a story that Amaal Mallik wanted to tell to the world.

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That's how I am celebrating #5YearsOfMRYNR Bas itna hai Tumse kehna ❤️ @AmaalMallik @ArmaanMalik22 #RashmiVirag

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5 wonderful years of main rahoon ya na rahoon by @ArmaanMalik22 @AmaalMallik @TSeries @emraanhashmi #RashmiVirag #EshaGupta n it still feels like it just released yesterday. Such a beautiful song it is n believe me it tells a story of one sided love so beautifully #5YearsOfMRYNR

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I love the emotion n meaning of this line.... Door jaane pe tere paas aata tha mai,rooth jaane pe tere sir jhukata tha mai @AmaalMallik @sonymusicindia #rashmivirag #TuMeraNahi

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@TSeries @ArmaanMalik22 @emraanhashmi @AmaalMallik @RashmiVirag @iAmitRSharma The feels that #MRYNR gives me each time when I listen to can't be explain through words.. It's beyond!! It will always remain my favourite ❤ Thanks a tonne @AmaalMallik @ArmaanMalik22 , #RashmiVirag sir & the whole teAM for this purest heartfelt song 🙏

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Kisi roz baarish jo aaye
Samajh lena boondon mein main hoon
Subah dhoop tumko sataaye
Samajh lena kirno mein main hoon......

#5YearsOfMRYNR one of the bestest composition by @AmaalMallik and sung by @ArmaanMalik22 .
MRYNR is all my heart ♥️♥️.
Lyrics by #RashmiVirag.

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This song carries all the emotions of my whole heart whether I feel happy or sad. This song always reminds me of My closed ones without whom life isn't life to me.

@AmaalMallik @ArmaanMalik22 #RashmiVirag This trio 💘

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First song when I was knows you.....

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Subha doop tumko sataye
Smajh Lena kiranoo mein main hu
KUCH kahu ya na kahu tum
Mujhko Sada sunte rhena ♥
And the word "KUCH" it's not song it's an emotions😇

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Can’t stop listening to #TuMeraNahi? Tell us your favourite line ❤️ #TuMeraNahi #TMN #Amaalians #AmaalMallik #heartbreak #mondaythoughts @AditiBudhathoki @AmaalMallik

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