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@bingengay @RandyRainbow Thank you, #GovernorCuomo,
for not resigning.
Thank you for your health policies,
which have made it possible for me
to survive prostate cancer.
Thank you for your leadership.
And thank you, #RandyRainbow,
for being so wonderfully you.

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#RandyRainbow 🌈 @ In Deep Thought

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Everyone deserves to get the vaccine. Trump is NOT cool because he pissed people off. Wear a Mask. Act like an adult. Peace . . .

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@RandyRainbow This is gonna be fun, yet again! #RandyRainbow #Emergency

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Has anyone checked on @RandyRainbow with all the Cuomo crap going down? He's the King of Cuomosexuals & led the Revolution for so many of us. HOW ARE YOU, RANDY? We are not OK. @MollyJongFast's @thedailybeast piece says it best. We've been fooled. #Cuomo #RandyRainbow #NYStrong

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@RandyRainbow #RandyRainbow I am going to miss your longer hair.

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OMG! Is #RandyRainbow a real #CuomoFan? If so, I wonder how he feels now after #Cuomo's #SexualCrimes? Wow!

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This did not age well at all. Nope. 😬😬😬😬 #cuomosexual #CuomoResign

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THE NASTY WOMAN - RANDY RAINBOW Song Parody! via @YouTube so funny #RandyRainbow I just love ❤️ his Song 🎵 Parodies. Have a good day everyone and March Madness happy day Monday to everyone. #cherylmmrlrabebelovingit 💘💝💖❤️💙.

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@RandyRainbow Awaiting your interviews of CPAC attendees in your next video. Never know what he might say or do. Watch out for the Qs! Go #RandyRainbow 🌈

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@lindarchilders @SerenaShimAward Where is #RandyRainbow? We have seriously crossed the Rubicon here!

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@Chasten Please collaborate with #RandyRainbow 🏳️‍🌈 😁

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I love Randy Rainbow You tube videos.
@randyRainb #randyrainbow

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Just texted lyrics to my music director for a new vocal arrangement I need and he called me right back.

Him: What are you going for?

Me: Gay af.

Him: On it. *click*

I love my people. 🌈

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Thank you, @RandyRainbow, for this amazing Cameo for my mom for her 82nd birthday today! She sadly is watching it for the first time in the emergency room today, but it definitely lifted her spirits. ❤️♥️❤️♥️ happy birthday mom ❤️♥️❤️🙏🏼 #randyrainbow

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I'm actually shocked someone hadn't done a parody video of the gun nuts with a wall full of obviously Nerf guns behind them... #randyrainbow perhsps?

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#RandyRainbow # MajorieTaylorGreen

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#GOPHypocrisy ...we need #RandyRainbow to write the parody song for this one. @RandyRainbow pretty please ? 🌻🌈😇😉😎😬 #GOPTraitors #GOPGrifters #VoteThemAllOut

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Yeah, good luck with that.

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#RandyRainbow's gushing tribute to #AndrewCuomo hasn't aged well since he posted it last year (4.6.20); I wonder if he'd still be describing #NewYork's governor as "wise, level-headed, eloquent & sexy" now that we know #CuomoLiedPeopleDied... #ImpeachCuomo

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Dearest Randy, must you even ask such a question?

Dear @Netflix, sign a deal with #RandyRainbow — with immediate effect.

With love,
The Universe

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Would you guys watch a limited action/adventure docuseries about my undercover mission to rescue Ted Cruz’s dog? Asking for Netflix.

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@RandyRainbow I have a request. A song parody of #DonaldTrumpJr. You know he will hear it. He really really annoys me!! #RandyRainbow fans, are you with me?

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@RandyRainbow OMG #RandyRainbow PLEASE create one of your famous parody works with this @SenTedCruz situation... We anxiously await your musical commentary on the matter!!!

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@RandyRainbow “Leavin’ on a jet plane...don’t know when I’ll be back again...” You know what to do, #RandyRainbow

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#randyrainbow got Canadians and the logical world 🌎 through the last 4+ years 🙄

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Time to spread kindness. Reply with #dionnewarwick and compliment a friend! Make sure you use the hash tag and tag your friend. I’m following people who do both today!

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@DrNeilStone least its not bleach what potus45 recommended!!!! #spoonful of chlorox #randyrainbow

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Somehow, I think #RandyRainbow would make the sexiest salad we've ever seen... and tasted.💋🥗

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Love sexy vegetables!! When you make it, share a photo and tag me & @WCKitchen! #ChefsForAmerica #RecipesForThePeople

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this bish

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#Randyrainbow I hope you’re putting together your greatest hit yet on Trumps lawyers!

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A little #RandyRainbow humor for relief! #humor #heals

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I am prepared to testify I have an outfit

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Random, yet timely, time line cleanser. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE - A #RandyRainbow Song Parody

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Where’s #randyrainbow. When we need him???

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I am against impeaching Madonna, but I do look forward to Randy Rainbow’s Papa Don’t Impeach. #Madonna #RandyRainbow

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is having a rough week so I sang her a love ballad. 🖤✡️🚀 #MarjorieTaylorGreene

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