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Are you underpaid?
1) Look at salaries in your area for your job description ()
2) Schedule a meeting with your boss
3) Talk about your merit and value added to the company
4) Create a plan to meet in 6 months to discuss progress and ask big

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@PressSec is sayin that @POTUS just putting $15/hr min wage in the relief bill is enough cuz it shows he supports #RaiseTheWage. Putting it in the Bill and FIGHTING for it are not the same. He can easily overrule the Parliamentarian. By not doing so heโ€™s giving up.

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@rmeirose123 @Local12 Prices have always been increasing and the minimum wage hasn't. It's time to #RaiseTheWage

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@JosephNSanberg Something the elitists should be thinking about and be grateful the ask is only $15 over 5 years!!! #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15 #LivingWage

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Something the elitists should be thinking about and be grateful the ask is only $15 over 5 years!!! #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15 #LivingWage

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So let me get this straight: essential workers are essential enough to keeping the economy going through a deadly pandemic, but not essential enough to be paid a living wage?

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Dear U.S. Senate:

If the minimum wage had grown at the rate of productivity since 1960, it would be $23 today.

But it's just $7.25. #RaiseTheWage


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#Monopsony is a real problem leading to less worker power, less labor market competition, and wage suppression. #RaiseTheWage

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@SenSchumer You need to be working on your colleagues, especially Manchinโ€™s weak and unsupportive behind ๐Ÿ˜’ #RaiseTheWage

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Essential workers need more than praise. They need to be respected, protected, and paid. #RaiseTheWage

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.@McDonalds pays us poverty wages and forces us to rely on public assistance like food stamps and Medicaid just to get by. McDonaldโ€™s low wages are subsidized by taxpayers. Itโ€™s time for McDonaldโ€™s to pay workers our fair share. #Fightfor15 #RaiseTheWage

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It is the backwards prioritization of profit over people that has resulted in our horrendous racial and economic disparities. Pope Francis, argues that โ€œtrickle-downโ€ economics places a โ€œcrude and naive trust in those wielding economic power.โ€ #RaiseTheWage

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Youre telling millions of voters that with @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @WhiteHouse โ€”@thedemocrats CANT pass $15/hr! What the fuck was the point of turning out for #dems if they won't turn up for working Americans who are struggling! #WTF! #RaiseTheWage #Squandering #VoteThemOut

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@demswatchdog @DNC @KamalaHarris @davidsirota @dailyposter @jrpsaki @neeratanden @HumanistReport @POTUS @UniteCountryPAC @fightfor15 #LookFat At last, we have a President with #Empathy. @JoeBiden Gives Finger to Students Burdened by Debt, @AOC Ocasio-Cortez Responds @HumanistReport #BankruptcyAbusePreventionConsumerProtectionAct #CancelStudentDebt #MinimumWage #RaiseTheWage #EmpathyJoe

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AOC Questions Manchin's Stance on $15 Wage, Says 'Majority' of West Virginia Supports It @JoeManchinWV @Sen_JoeManchin @AOC #RaiseTheWage

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.@SenSanders is fighting for working families across this country & we have his back. Raising the min wage helps all working people & our local economies economies. #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15 @RightsVT @RightsNH @popdemoc @PplsAction @renewmvmt @onefairwage

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Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema, Opponent of $15 Minimum Wage, Target of Progressive Ad Campaign @SenatorSinema #RaiseTheWage

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People can't keep banging on about the importance of "essential workers" and then continue to pay them poverty wages. If the #minimumwage had risen concomitant with the cost of living, it would be at $12 now. But it is at $7.25. The federal poverty level. Pay women fair wages.

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Raising the Minimum Wage Would Be Transformative for Women - Center for American Progress via @amprog #RaiseTheWage

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@BetsySweetME Exactly! Opposing #RaiseTheWage is inherently, fundamentally racist and misogynistic. Itโ€™s also anti-democratic because #FightFor15 is overwhelmingly popularโ€”even in red districts and states. Get it done @POTUS #Biden @VP @chuckschumer

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@POTUS THIS IS SIMPLE, MR PRESIDENT. No more crap about "bipartisanship". There is a right and there is a wrong here and you know it. Look at us! YOU KNOW IT.
#RaiseTheWage #15anHour

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@POTUS @JoeBiden THIS IS SIMPLE, MR PRESIDENT. No more crap about "bipartisanship". There is a right and there is a wrong here and you know it. Look at us! YOU KNOW IT.
#RaiseTheWage #15anHour

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Stephen Segal: Take it from a millionaire, a $15 minimum wage is good for Pa. businesses #RaiseTheWage

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@demswatchdog @DNC @KamalaHarris @davidsirota @dailyposter @jrpsaki @JoeBiden @neeratanden @HumanistReport #LookFat Let's do some push-ups, Jack. Thank goodness we now have a @POTUS who has empathy, man. Right @UniteCountryPAC? #Empathy Biden Has Tense Exchange With Voter -โ€˜Youโ€™re A Damn Liar" @fightfor15 #MinimumWage #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15 #LivingWage

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@POTUS & @VP are using excuses about arcane rules in the Senate as an excuse to not raise wages for millions of Americans. #MinimumWage #FightFor15 #RaiseTheWage #WealthTax An unelected Parlimentarian's decision shouldn't block raising wages. #nomoreexcuses

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#RaiseTheWage NOW! Stop the excuses!! If someone works 40 hours a week, they need to live out of poverty level!

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Given the importance of the $15/hour wage (hardly generous, but half as unbearable as $7.25), every social, economic, and racial justice org should pause what they are doing for a moment and fight for this #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15

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Here are the reasons CORPORATE America doesnโ€™t want a $15 per hour wage hike. 01

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At a time when millions of workers are earning starvation wages, when the minimum wage has not been raised by Congress since 2007 and stands at a pathetic $7.25 an hour, it is time to raise the minimum wage to a living wage.

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Wash your hands.
Stay socially distanced.
Wear a mask.
Get vaccinated when itโ€™s your turn.

Despite our progress, we canโ€™t let our guard down.

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This week, as part of the reconciliation bill, I will be offering an amendment to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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Dems have moved from blaming President Manchin to blaming President up, Dems will blame President Senate Gift Shop Clerk.

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Federal Minimum Wage:
2009: $7.25
2020: $7.25

Wealth of the 400 Richest Americans:
2009: $1,270,000,000,000
2020: $3,200,000,000,000

If you're against raising the minimum wage, but you have no issue with this, I don't question your politics.

I question your morality.

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I agree with Bernie, US taxpayers are sick of subsidizing some of the richest corporations in the world who choose to pay their employees next to nothing. #FightFor15

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