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Ehy tu perché non vai ad ascoltare il nuovo album di #MileyCyrus #PlasticHearts 💔 #CePostaPerTe

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She was worth it though, idc what you say xo #PlasticHearts

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📸 | Bastidores do ensaio fotográfico do álbum #PlasticHearts por Mick Rock.

Queremos as fotos oficiais na nossa mesa! 🥺✊

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📸 | Bastidores do ensaio fotográfico do álbum #PlasticHearts por Mick Rock.

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📸 | Bastidores do ensaio fotográfico do álbum #PlasticHearts por Mick Rock.

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Night Crawling is the best song on @MileyCyrus #PlasticHearts album. I could listen to that song all day long.

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PLASTIC HEARTS! Listen to Miley Cyrus' New Album About Her Addiction Here #MileyCyrus #MileyCyrusMusic #PlasticHearts

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Qual destas músicas do #PlasticHearts tem que ser obrigatoriamente single?


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What's a pop album that has ZERO skips?

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id like to personally thank myself for this. LOL. but i seriously listen to #PlasticHearts album 2-3 times DAILY. #mileyfanforever

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Vamos SMILERS a votar por #PlasticHearts

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@MileyCyrus sweetie #PlasticHearts is a masterpiece and I’m so sorry people are sleeping on your best album to date 😤😩🖤

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I heard this song and immediately fell in love with it!! Here’s a #cover of #AngelsLikeYou by @MileyCyrus, hope you like it 🥺💗! #PlasticHearts

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Apple Music (Global) 1/22:

#22 Prisoner (feat. Dua Lipa)⁣ -2
#37 Midnight Sky =


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iTunes (Global) 1/22:

#32 Prisoner (feat. Dua Lipa)⁣ -8
#34 Midnight Sky -9


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Algumas fotos dos bastidores para o shoot de #plastichearts

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Let's gooo!!! Voten por #PlasticHearts

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📸 Nuevas imágenes de Miley durante el photoshoot de #PlasticHearts

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wait, i love this picture. such an icon.
#mileycyrus #PlasticHearts

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I know that you're wrong for me
Gonna wish we never met on the day I leave
It's not your fault I ruin everything
And it's not your fault I can't be what you need
Baby, angels like you can't fly down here with me
I'm everything they said I would be

#MileyCyrus #PlasticHearts

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Dry your tears now, don't you cry
I'm by your side, at least for a while
I know I do this every time
I walk the line, yeah, I play with fire
If you're looking for someone to be all that you need
That'll never be me

#MileyCyrus #PlasticHearts

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Miley really did plastic hearts album justice. My favorite album from hers which I didn’t think Bangerz could be beat. Miley deserves a Grammy! #PlasticHearts

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Back in Oct 2020 I assisted Mick (on a properly Covid tested/masked up closed set) with shooting @mileycyrus for her latest album release. As always I snapped a few of my own and some bts. #mileycyrus #plastichearts #mickrock #rockphotography #rocknroll #nyc

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Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You (Sub Español) 👼 #MileyCyrus #AngelsLikeYou #PlasticHearts #SubEspañol

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LLEGÓ/ IT’S FINALLY HERE ✨🤟🏽 #PlasticHearts

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04:20am and rocking @MileyCyrus ‘s #PlasticHearts at the loudest volume just to annoy my loud Nigerian neighbors

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@GlblCtzn @MileyCyrus Bernie coming through with the TASTE! He just had to be in attendance. Now let us continue to stream #PlasticHearts!

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Gimme what i want is such a fuckin banger i keep listening to it #plastichearts @MileyCyrus @MileyOfficial

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🏆 Premios Virtuales #LoMas2020 con lo mejor del año en LO MAS ESCUCHADO


✅SEGUINOS para validar tu voto y vota también en instagram para sumar fuerza.


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You did it again! Plastic Hearts has spent 6 weeks as the #1 rock album in the country. This is all because of YOU supporting my record! I don’t forget! I really fucking appreciate it!

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