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Its been hard but I can finally come out I am bisexual

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#TransDayOfRemembrance #TransIsBeautiful #BlackTransCrowdFund #poverty #emergencycrowdfund #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTranswoman #BLM #COVID19 #donate #Emergency #NationalComingOutDay #ProtectBlackTransWomen #TransCrowdFund

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dear trans people- i love you
i use to not know what lgbtq was but on #NationalComingOutDay a friend caught me up. i didn't really understand until recently why people cared but then i got it and now #LGBTQ #LGBTQfamily #TransDayOfRemembrance #TransRightsAreHumanRights #bisexual

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No one should ever be persecuted for being who they are, but too many trans & gender non-conforming people face that indignity every day.

We will keep fighting for you. #TransDayOfRemembrance

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It seems to be #NationalComingOutDay every couple of months, which, like, I'm fine with that.

Hi, I'm Dainy. I'm trans/nonbinary. I'm asexual with swings to the demisexual. I'm panromantic.

Nice to meetcha.

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Mindig van mellett egy szék, ahová bárki leülhet egy teával, kávéval, vízzel, almával. Ha ez segít, jelzésül ide rakom a képeket; ma találtak meg. #NationalComingOutDay #StaySafeStayOpen #BeYou #Loveyourself

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@LindseyGrahamSC So when you say "To those who are trying to silence me- you will fail miserably", are you just admitting you are a power bottom?

I mean, its way ok to be you man, you just don't need to be a dick while you're still in the closet.
#markyourcalendar #NationalComingOutDay

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"Abuse of office"

@LindseyGrahamSC should resign or be impeached, then face the consequences for his crimes. #LockHimUp #GrahamResign #NationalComingOutDay

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#NationalComingOutDay im coming out-side im coming outside.

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Oreo sparked emotion on #NationalComingOutDay, which cultivated conversation with our FrazierHeiby fam.

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i know #NationalComingOutDay was a while ago, but i managed to come out to my mom today (she initiated it lol)

was pretty cool, now i can be more open about my hopes for the future and i hope that will benefit my inevitable relationships and career ❤️

can’t wait to meet you !

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#JumiaBlackFridays #kano #Lagos #LekkiMassaccre #EnuguAmaka #loveafterlockup #TREASURE #ReformTheNigerianPolice #NationalComingOutDay #abuja #JusticeforPelumi #LekkiTollGateShooting #EndNorthBanditry

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BE PROUD! BE YOU! Come Out when YOU are ready, not because someone told you to.
Sometimes it takes people longer.

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11/10/94 I came out to my first family member. My brother. He is gay as well, so he accepted it. He had been waiting for years for me to say it. I just wasn’t ready.
If you are not ready, hold off. But if you are ready, go ahead. #ComeOut #NationalComingOutDay ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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@noahvill I’m a Christian and a Conservative and I’m Proud!


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#NationalComingOutDay guys Im coming out, Im straight

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In recognition of #NationalComingOutDay, our Outlaws ERG and @CitywidePride hosted a panel discussion where notable LGBTQ professionals shared how they have navigated their careers while being their authentic selves. Watch the replay now.

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@jenkilks @jennniferjo71 I'm a Christian and a Conservative and I'm Proud!


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National legal service day is celebrated on 9th November every year with the objective to ensure fair and just judicial system which is easily approachable to the citizens of India. It was started by the Supreme Court of India. #NationalComingOutDay #LegalServicesDay #nation

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Sé que en face no me puedo expresar por cosas, pero aqui puedo expresarme como soy en verdad, mi mamá es la única que sabe mi verdad lo que soy y me acepto tal y como soy, mientras mi padre y mi hermano no lo saben aun.
Yo soy bisexual un poco más Homo
🏳️‍🌈 #NationalComingOutDay

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wait for it.. as the wrong end of the cigars burns the mouth #ouch #hot #ash #challenge #topnotchnation #global #NationalComingOutDay #sunset order yours at

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There is lot of support for Arnab but the anxiety never eases down. Hope he will be safe and fine.

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Today night pray for #ArnabGoswami - Don’t get tensed - people are there - Republic team outside there - Don’t take tension - Every thing is in Mahadev Hand - Hopefully Arnab gets bail tomorrow and I will meet him tomorrow - Don’t worry SSRIANS and don’t take stress pls

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Innocent peoples lives are cheap not Criminals infact they are very important to this country they get z security!! What a Shame!!
#ArnabInCustodySoAreWe #NationalComingOutDay

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If Arnab is hurt in a planned riot in the jail, who will take the responsibility and who will be held accountable? Human life so cheap now!!


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