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Today is #NationalAdoptionDay! In the United States, more than 120,000 children are waiting to be adopted from foster care.

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Today is #NationalAdoptionDay! In the United States, more than 120,000 children are waiting to be adopted from foster care.

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We house a number of adoption experiences on our website to bring light to the difference one can make when you choose to adopt. Learn their stories:
#adoption #stopthebounce #fosteryouth #fostercare #adoptionawarenessmonth #nationaladoptionday

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#جدة_الأن #جازان_الان #فرسان #SaudiArabia #DJI #island #NationalAdoptionDay #Travel #visitsaudi #photography #SaudiArabia #تصويري #درون
سبحان من خلق فابدع جزيرة في فرسان على شكل راس فتاة مع شعرها
An island in the shape of the head of a girl with her hair on Farasan Island

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November is National Adoption Awareness month. In this episode, my friend Anne & I share about our families' adoption journeys through foster care (Anne) and international adoption (me). #Adoption #NationalAdoptionMonth #NationalAdoptionDay

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A meeting earlier this week with Mexican diplomats and child welfare officials on how we can work together to promote #adoption so vulnerable children can find permanent homes. #NationalAdoptionDay

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El Departamento de Estado y la Autoridad Central en México ( #DIF y @SRE_mx) se reunieron recientemente para discutir cómo podemos fomentar la adopción como un medio para que los niños en situación de vulnerabilidad encuentren un hogar permanente.

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Trinity is a smart and helpful teen who loves to read! She has many interests and enjoys building strong bonds with others. #NationalAdoptionDay

Would you like to be her #ForeverFamily? Learn more here:

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No matter where I am , I am marginalized. #adoptee #NationalAdoptionDay #NAM #NAAM

“… even if a white person is the minority, he or she still holds white privilege and is afforded things based on that role in our world. ”

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On Friday, our Bergen-Hudson #TeamDCF staff celebrated #NationalAdoptionDay with their families that finalized this year!

They delivered boxes to each child filled with gifts & games that everyone could enjoy together.

Congrats to all the new forever families across the state!

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Thanks @kdaly0705 for celebrating all families during the morning announcements with a shoutout to #NationalAdoptionDay. I did not know that Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Steve Jobs were adopted. #LearnSomethingNewEveryday #Inclusivity #RepresentationMatters

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#NationalAdoptionDay #SaudiArabia #Farasan_island #Travel #island #photography #visitsaudi #Amazing #DJI #تصويري #عدستي @Turki_alalshikh @Abduallh88

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"DoorDash provides so much flexibility." Meet D'Shea. #WhyIDash #DeliveringGood

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#NationalAdoptionDay on 11/20 looked a little different this year due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, 11 children served by CASA were adopted into four safe, permanent, forever families. Congratulations!

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I am adopted, and eternally grateful for it! My husband is adopted, and both of our sisters are, as well. Family is what you make it!


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@HartshipJ My older sister adopted 9.
She's now a grandmother 5 times over.
Happy belated #NationalAdoptionDay to you.

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I missed #NationalAdoptionDay. Shout out to all my fellow adopted tweeps!! We're pretty awesome! ❤

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On National Adoption Day courts and communities in the United States come together to finalize thousands of adoption of children from foster care.

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We care for #trafficked #youngpeople, like family. There's no expiration date to our support.

We do not disappear as soon as they turn 18!!

Yesterday celebrated #NationalAdoptionDay but we celebrate family – whatever that looks like - every day!

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We just celebrated #NationalAdoptionDay ! So far this year, 102 children have found their forever homes in #MontcoPA. Anyone interested in committing to a child in need, through fostering or adoption, can call (610) 278-5880 or visit for more info.

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You didn't give life but life game me you. #NationalAdoptionDay

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Thanks for making us the happiest parents in the world Milesy!!! ❤️💙 Happy National Adoption Day!!! #NationalAdoptionDay #MilesChristopherAdriano @ Las Vegas, Nevada

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Today is #NationalAdoptionDay and we're thanking God for the families across who have stepped out in faith to adopt. These children are now sons and daughters! With the help of The PEACE Plan, Rwanda has gone from over 3,000 children living in orphanages to less than 200.

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I am beyond blessed by the miracle of adoption. #NationalAdoptionDay

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Happy National Adoption Day!

I don’t really have the words to to express my love and thankfulness for my dad and my in-laws so these cute picture will have to do 😉

#nationaladoptionday @ Greenville, South Carolina

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In honor of #NationalAdoptionDay we wanted to revisit one of our favorite adoption stories.

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Today is #NationalAdoptionDay. Forever grateful to have been given a shot at life by my parents - adoptive and birth.

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🥰🥰🥰🥰 #NationalAdoptionDay (📷: brittaneykate)

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149 CA Foster Children Find Homes Via Virtual Adoption as Part of #NationalAdoptionDay

More than 60% of the adoptions finalized were for siblings.
#adoption #NAM2020

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Happy National Adoption Day! Parenthood requires love, not DNA. Email: leasing@ValeEast.com. #valencia #valenciacollege #valenciaeast #ucf #ucfknights #studenthousing #luxurystudentliving #nationaladoptionday #nationaladoptionday2020 #loveislove #adoption #chosenfamily #adopt

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It’s #NationalAdoptionDay! Consider visiting your local animal shelter and adopting today. Many animals in PETA’s “shelter” are not afforded the opportunity.

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It’s #NationalAdoptionDay. Visit your local shelter and consider giving an animal their forever home.

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Today is #NationalAdoptionDay so please take a listen to @BrandiRedmond #ashleyhensley podcast. It doesn't matter what journey your adoption took, it is still an amazing journey. One that made a very special child's life better. And your family richer.

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Cool share! #NationalAdoptionDay - I adopted 2 girls - 9 and 11 years old. Though not of a physical age to have been their birth mother, #Love lifted me. Share ❤️❤️❤️ adopt a child today. Thanks for sharing @GAFirstLady #NationalAdoptionMonth - Have a great day ((*_*)) Best

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No two families are alike, but all Georgia families are formed in love. On #NationalAdoptionDay, we are reminded that every child is worthy of being part of a safe and loving home.

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You don't have to be blood to be family.
#AdoptionDay #StarTrek

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We are celebrating CT Adoption Day! Thank you to @jodilatina8 and ⁦@WTNH⁩ along with cameraman Kevin Frederick for interviewing ⁦@CTDCF⁩ Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes and covering this special day!!!

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