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@SenatorSinema you're no John McCain, and you done fucked up #MinimumWage

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If I were @SenSanders I'd vote no on every bill until it passes. Fuck 'em. #DemExit #MinimumWage

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Um ok @KrystenSinema so 7 years ago it's a no brainer. I'm assuming you're opposing 7 years later now bc with your new found elected power you're adding in inflation amongst other factors and pushing for a higher $? Cuz else it sure sounds like lies and selling out #MinimumWage

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It takes a braver person than me to vote against raising the minimum wage and then eat at a restaurant or go to a store
#MinimumWage #FightFor15

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If lawmakers had to live on the #MinimumWage, it sure as Hell wouldn't be $7.25.

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@kyrstensinema Gee, 7 years ago #KrystenSinema said #minimumwage wasn't enough. Now she opposes #RaiseTheWage. Doesn't add up.

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@AOC I’m 47 I’ve never held a #MinimumWage job in my life Do you know why? Because I hustle and I’ve always wanted something better for myself. Government needs to stop pandering to people and encourage them to get off their ass and make something of their life. #thatisall

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And got paid more than 100 dollars an hour while doing it. #DrSeuss #MinimumWage

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What we learn from this evening's vote is that a subset of #Senate #Democrats are #Republicans masquerading as Democrats. #MinimumWage #CovidReliefBill @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema @SenatorShaheen @SenatorHassan @SenatorCarper @ChrisCoons @SenatorTester

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If I owned a business & I was told I need to pay $15 an hour

I would offer to my employees the option of $10/hour in #Bitcoin / or #DogeCoin. I would pay my employees daily.

much like a server at a restaurant does when they take $3.75 an hour #MinimumWage #SmallBusiness

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@kyrstensinema How proud are you to perpetuate poverty in America? Your constituents are taking notes 👎🏽 #MinimumWage

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When hiring #Interns or #WorkExperience people, #employers must be careful not to promise them a #job. You could be liable for #MinimumWage payments if you do.

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"About 70% of the 21 million federal aid beneficiaries worked full time, the report found." #MinimumWage #MinimumWageHike

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@marcorubio you’re a #Neanderthal for not voting to raise the #minimumwage, for giving millionaires & billionaires a $2tril #TaxScam, for not voting for the $1.9trillion #AmericanRescuePlan, for trying to kill the #AffordableCareAct & for just being one of the #Trump sycophants

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This is utmost betrayal by senators who swore to represent their constituents, yet careless about them. How do these people sleep at night, knowing there are millions of Americans struggling to pay make ends meet with $7.25? #CovidReliefBill #MinimumWage

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Sin vergüenza eres tú.

The government should get out of the way of business instead of pricing people out of the labor market.

Economics and History show that the #MinimumWage hurts more than it helps. #AOC #Politicians will say anything to keep their cush jobs. #Latinas

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It’s is very painful and nauseating to watch. The Democratic Party is doomed! If this continues, Dems will loose woefully in the midterms. What’s the point voting for a party that’s against Its people? #MinimumWage #CovidReliefBill

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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is being criticized online for her "no" vote on a measure to raise the federal minimum wage to $15. (Video) #MinimumWageHike #MinimumWage via @CNNPolitics

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"[$15/hr] allows me to be the parent I want to be." #15aHour #MinimumWage #Understanding #economicgrowth

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Also true: @SenSanders appears to have made no effort to find the #MinimumWage figure that - will - pass. So wage workers come away with 0 raise. Ineffectual factionalism is not the Budget Chair job Berns. They deserve $15, go secure $13 of that for them now. Not strike out 42-58

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Sen. Dems voting NO to raising the min. wage
collectively are worth OVER $43Million

Chris Coons DE $10.13M
Angus King ME $9.49M
Joe Manchin WVA 7.62M
Tom Carper DE $5.73M
Jeanne Shaheen NH $3.82M
Jon Tester MT $3.67M
Maggie Hassan NH $3.47M
Kyrsten Sinema AZ ?

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You called raising the #MinimumWage a no-brainer & then voted against it? Only 1 of 2 possible explanations:
1. You lied to get elected & then voted against your constituents interests, or
2. You lost your brain somewhere in the 7 years since you tweeted this.
Which one is it?

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If #congress & the #Senate were paid #MinimumWage, I wonder how many of them would be willing to do the job?

If you really think about it. It takes zero training & there are no real requirements. So...

Who really deserves a pay hike?

#MinimumWageHike #725hr #CNN #FoxNews

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Learn about the importance of setting minimum wages on this episode of Dot EU.


▪️Poverty ▪️Minimum Wage ▪️Economic Recovery

#minimumwage #investeu #poverty #equality

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#RaiseTheWage to $15/hr it needs to be done NOW! If you increase the wages of those making #minimumwage, they will spend their money & help the economy. @SenatorSinema @JoeManchinWV @SenatorShaheen @SenatorHassan @SenatorTester @SenCoonsOffice @SenatorCarper @SenAngusKing @POTUS

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The #GOP is protecting the interest of corporations and businesses because they are their donors.

They couldn't care less about making life better for the underprivileged.

It's why they oppose raising the #MinimumWage.

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Working in Australia, I earn roughly $26 an hour as a casual. The fact that the US has the audacity to call itself a developed nation but pays the majority of its people the same wage as cocoa bean harvesting slaves in South America is positively shocking. #MinimumWage

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Worst human of 2021? @SenatorSinema. Followed by the other #Traitors to the #Democrats that voted against the #MinimumWage bill.

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Republicans are NOT the Party of working people, no matter how many times they claim to be.

Watch what they do, not what they say.

They oppose the #AmericanRescuePlan, living #MinimumWage , #RTW, unions, voting rights & democracy, equal justice under the law, vaccination equity

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#WorstPlaceForSex? America. No #healthcare, no #LivingWage, no #affordablehousing, and not one good goddamn senator that gives a f*ck about "their people".. #MinimumWage #RevolutionNow

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@AOC Vote em out! #Progressives need to RUN THE TABLE for the next 6 years! Sign me up @AOC! I wanna help out these useless tools! #MinimumWage

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Only rich people vote against raising the minimum wage... Of course 95% of the votes against it were Republicans

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@think48 @PalmerReport @KimMangone Too bad #MinimumWage is so low. It’s #immoral. #FullTimeWork should not lead to #Poverty. That’s not #Socialist, it’s #Christian #Ethical & #Moral. #TakeYourPick. #SocialJustice. #JusticeMatters.

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Wage workers, do you want $13.50 #MinimumWage in hand vs @SenSanders pontificating for $15 and delivering you nothing? Do the work Berns

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No it's not. Nor is Bernie notching a 42-58 resounding defeat on $15 #MinimumWage today. Needs to find common ground and bring people aboard, not demand 100% and end up with 0.
Call those 8 + 10 GOP's @SenSanders, and find the $ that will pass. Take that then go for more. Do job

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No one should ever be this happy to vote against uplifting people out of poverty. This is Senator Sinema voting no on $15 minimum wage.

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@GOPLeader 519,064 Americans have died from Coronavirus.
And you are reading a fucking children’s book.
Because your party stands for nothing.
And this performative bullshit is all you know how to do.

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Democrats spent years in the wilderness as Republicans controlled the Senate and stuck together.

Now Democrats control the Senate but won't stick together.

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Might f*ck around and dedicate my entire online presence to ending Kyrsten Sinema’s career.

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Imagine having the ganas to go home and ask minimum wage workers to support you after going back on your own documented stance to help crush their biggest chance at a wage hike during their longest drought of wage increases since the law’s very inception. Sin vergüenza.

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Josh Hawley just voted against raising the minimum wage, just like he did in 2018 in Missouri. He should consider the words of a former MO Congressman- “Frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me." For the 2nd time, he has.

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@mkraju Manchin thinks all states like his have exp Medicaid .

They don’t .. 10 states like Florida have no expanded Medicaid, the lowest total unemployment wage in the nation and high cost of living

He is holding Americans hostage .. and he should not have this much power

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The Senate Dems who voted against an effort to advance a federal minimum wage hike to $15 per hour: Manchin, King, Sinema, Carper, Coons, Tester, Hassan, Shaheen.

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Marco Rubio didn't say SHIT when trump insulted millions of people in the past 4 years, and killed half a million through his lies and incompetence.

He wants President Biden to apologize for calling 2 covidiot Governors "Neanderthals?" HELL NO.

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We’ve seen the positive impact that our $15/hour starting wage has on employees and their families.

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A full-time minimum-wage earner makes less than $16k a year. This one’s a no-brainer. Tell Congress to #RaiseTheWage!

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