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Day 3 of Spirulina:
Working my way up to the full dosage. This did not sit the best with me at first, (knew by going to the bathroom) but my body is getting more accustomed to it. I have to start slow with ALL things unless they are homeopathic. My system is SENSITIVE. #lyme

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Higher Temperatures Make Some Ticks Pick Humans Over Dogs - Smithsonian Magazine #lyme #ticks #caution #hotweather

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Incredible how much the tick 'season' has changed. December next week and the horrible things are STILL out there! #lyme #LymeDisease

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@ProjectLyme Thank you for sharing this!!

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#dogs #ticks #tick #lymedisease #lyme #cats #pets #medecine #health

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#LymeDisease is a real slog. It sneaks up on you sometimes and before you know it everything normal seems out of reach. Read my memoir - 💚 Messages on the Mirror: Lovenotes and #Lyme.

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Pour les amis qui fêtent Noël.

Soyez prudents oui les #tiques sont aussi présentes dans vos sapins💚.👀👀 #maladiedelyme #lymedisease #lyme et ses #coinfections

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White matter abnormalities have previously been found in #Lyme disease patients, & now with novel imaging are being identified in #COVID19 too. With these discoveries, new frontiers of science are emerging. What roles do infections play in etiology of neurodegenerative diseases?

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Harvard: Long-term lingering effects of #COVID19, including headaches, fatigue, cognitive impairment. Sounds like #Lyme@MGHMedicine@Harvard⁩ ⁦⁦@drschweig⁩ @NancyNDougherty⁩ ⁦@HopkinsMedicine⁩ ⁦@Lyme_X⁩ ⁦@HHSGov⁩

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Why is diet/supplementation essential to my healing? Because I HAVE to replace what's being scavenged from me by #LYME. I can do all the holistic therapies I want but I HAVE to ALSO replace nutrients vitamins and minerals being stolen!
This is the WHOLE part of Holistic Healing.

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@olivierveran, @VidalFrederique, les @nofake_science, les @nofakemed, la @SPILF, l’@afis_science, @TroncheBiais @LeemFrance, l’@acadmed etc... permettez moi ce message à but préventif : de + en + de #Lyme (vs des tests tjrs pas assez fiables et la semi reconnaissance de SPPT)

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Starting with this auido, I developed a very healthy habit while in recovery from #Lyme: Guided Imagery and Affirmations from @HealthJourneys held a lot of healing power. I highly recommend.

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Learn why fascia is a prime #pain culprit, plus 4 simple, effective strategies for finding myofascial relief from @JennyButtaccio:

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After seven years of writing, my memoir is finished! Messages on the Mirror Written with #Lyme community in mind - larger text, 1.5 spacing, short chapters. Never underestimate the good feeling of finishing a chapter before dozing off! #LymeDisease #memoir

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Disulferam was successful for Jenna Luche Thayer as she explains in the #Lyme Dialogues #podcast

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Chronic Illness changes everything. #Lyme was no exception.

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@StevePhillipsMD Why our #chronicillness + #Lyme community love and appreciate you, Dr Phillips! Thank you!💚🦋💚

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@TruthAbout_ME2 @60Minutes @CBSNews Sadly, “long-haul” patients have existed long before Covid-19. #Lyme disease, #MECFS autoimmune disease pts in addition to those suffering w/prolonged C19 symptoms — ALL #chronicillness patients welcome/need concern + help!

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@Stalec_ Ça explique du coup aussi pourquoi ts les amendements déposés pr la recherche lyme ont été rejetés. Faudrait pas avoir à dédommager tous les patients lyme abandonnés ds de terribles souffrances depuis des décennies. C fou c les problématiques #lyme & #covid19 sont identiques !

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Non @philtcheng, l’OBLIGATION qui incombe aux États d’assurer la protection de la santé ainsi que la rech. du plus haut niveau de santé possible pr leur population n’est pas tributaire de l’aptitude du citoyen à sonner à la bonne porte avec le bon dossier!!

#Lyme n’y déroge pas

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The chronic #Lyme community is a cult:

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Next time I make a big batch of loose leaf tea, I'll share my process and make a video on IG TV:

Is that something you'd be interested in?

#healinghappy #tea #itsblee1234 #herbs #herbalhealing #LymeDisease #lyme #chronicillness #spoonie

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Imagine spending years searching for purpose in an online community, isolating yourself from friends and family, and then having to face that it was all bullshit. It’s too much. A lot of them will be so easily exploited by the next wave of opportunists. Anything to keep hoping.

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#lymejourney #lyme #lymedisease #healing #tea #greentea #caffeine #natural #HomeForChristmas #herbalhealing #herbs #itsblee1234

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Whether it's part of #lyme treatment of some other type of intervention...
Free HBOT for all !!!

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Becoming involved in the chronic #Lyme cult harms families, even leading to divorces. Frequently, children are physically and psychologically abused, treated for mold, Lyme, bartonella, and MCAS that they don't have.

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@BruceAlanFries Employees of #IDSA & #CDC, #GeneShapiro, #AlanSteere, etc., please take notice of the Torrey settlement! The IDSA & #ALDF are going down. The health insurers decided it was more economical to come clean. Gather & come out with the truth you know about #Lyme medicine’s corruption!

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Diagnosed with #Lyme and multiple coinfections in 2008 after more than a decade. Memoir available in softcover and ebook.

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Sign the petition and keep Dr. Shapiro OFF of the TBDWG!
#Lyme #LymeDisease

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@LonnieRhea When #Lyme has made me unable to join my family, I have been there on Skype. It works pretty well. I’m the laptop at the head of the table.

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The Lyme is a pared-back, casual take on the classic Chelsea Boot silhouette. Now in the rich, distressed Westfield leather, the boot puts comfort first, with a SoftWair™ 2 memory foam insole.
#sotw #drmarten #lyme #chelseaboot #richleather #mensboot #softwair #pulltab

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@philtcheng @ShoutTwit @vu_pris @LYME C une question de volonté politique. Ce n’est pas aux associations de patients de ménager les susceptibilités quant à une forme adéquate ou de devenir experts en montage de dossier pr faire en sorte que la recherche #lyme se fasse enfin alors que + de 68.000 pers sont touchées/an

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Promising treatment brings new hope for patients with chronic Lyme disease

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@paradis_obscur @DrimmyC @Stalec_ @Acermendax @TroncheBiais Voici comment il parle des pers victimes de la maladie de #lyme ayant des symptômes persistants notamment..

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A new groundbreaking study from Dr. Peter Novak & colleagues at @Harvard suggests that symptoms such as post treatment #Lyme #fatigue, #cognitiveimpairment and widespread #pain may be associated with small fiber neuropathy ( #SFN).

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Compromising on the fact that #Lyme disease is the most prevalent tick-borne disease affecting the most people, and it’s more people who aren’t able to get treated because the government doesn’t want to recognize they are sick. You want to send them all to psychiatrist.”

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Thank you @LawroNCB for highlighting that ticks are still out and about despite it being Winter! #LymeDisease #lyme #lymeawareness #HealthForAll #ChronicPain #chronicillness

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Some troubling symptoms of #Lyme and tick-borne coinfections are cognitive. Thanks to neuroplasticity, the #brain can build new neural pathways after illness that can facilitate healing. Boost your cognition now with these 5 suggestions via @RawlsMD

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#Tiques, #météo et maladie de #Lyme : le lien expliqué. Attention le risque est très présent à l' #automne... et encore plus avec les conditions climatiques actuelles ! #climat #environnement #santé

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@ShoutTwit @vu_pris @LYME Encore une fois votre amendement ( si c’est vous qui l’avez rédigé et envoyé à un ou plusieurs députés) était voué à l’échec et de toutes façons il aurait été rétoqué par le conseil constitutionnel L’information n’a donc rien d’horrible il suffit de vous adresser au bon guichet

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@Lymeloonies @LonnieRhea @Karen98randomly It's still there and has gained about 10 signatures this week, after I mentioned it.

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@LymeScience @jonathanstea @HislopMD @CaulfieldTim @RyanMarino @psychunseen @RuthAnnHarpur @SciencePharmer @DrvanTilburg A previous neighbor of mine found a cultish culture when she discovered she had Lyme disease. She ditched her kid and marriage and lives in a commune with other sufferers. The physical and emotional damage she inflicted on her daughter astounded me.

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Pour Salt Down Your Drain At Night, Here's Why 😮

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I'm fundraising for supplies* to heal from Lyme Disease + Co-Infections

*Using Stephen Buhner's Herbal Protocol

Here is the link if you'd like to donate:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 🙏❤️❤️

#Lyme #chronicillness #LymeDisease

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The Amethyst BIOMAT acts as an infrared sauna

High heat, red infrared lights, and the PEMF feature helps to kill bad bacteria, viruses, and eliminate radiation from the body

I've been using this in my healing treatment every other day
120°-140°/ 20-45 mins

#healinghappy #lyme

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Today's free audio is Relieve Depression by Belleruth Naparstek.

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