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@DaleSteyn62 hope you like it😜 @BCCI @jpduminy21 @ABdeVilliers17 @IPL #INDvsENG

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WATCH: #SunilGavaskar feels slamming Indian pitches is a publicity stunt by foreign cricketers.

#INDvsENG #Repost

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Once upon a time in India there was a man called @akshar2026, he played his debut test against England and eventually he became a legend #INDvsENG @BCCI @ICC @imVkohli @KP24

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It’s 5:20 am here in MNL 🇵🇭 & I’m Dead Scared to sleep. Last time I did, I woke up to see 🇮🇳 86/5.

🥺🤞🏻 ❕


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I heard 1st hand from many state & national cricketers playing under #Ponting that one of his 1st advices was never to get into a big argument with umpire/player. A match ban for them could mean next opportunity’s far away! He was happy to take the hit! #Cricket #INDvENG #INDvsENG

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Can't wait for @mdsirajofficial to bowl in English conditions... #INDvsENG

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#INDvENG India again on good track against England .

Watch full spicy chat from Pakistan

#INDvsENG #ENGvIND #AhmedabadTest #ICCWorldTestChampionship #ahmedabadpitch #axarpatel #Ashwin #BenStokes #4thTest #Day1 #Cricket #CricChat365

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Told you already! Virat is my boy!


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India vs England 4th Test Match, Day 1 Review!


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Sunny Pajji Won My Heart ❤️😎 #SunilGavaskar #INDvsENG #MichaelVaughan

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Rare statistic for those who care!


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England have again contrived to be dismissed for about 45% of what appeared to be a good 1st innings score. 112 when they should have reached 250, and now 205 when they should have reached 450. Two strong toss advantages completely blown. Also - Siraj! #cricket #INDvENG #INDvsENG

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HILIGHTS (ind vs England) video
#4thTest #YouTube #INDvsENG #India #nomanfam #nomankhan

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मोहम्मद सिराज ने कहा- रूट की विकेट का मैंनें खूब लुत्फ उठाया

#MohammadSiraj #joeRootWicket #INDvsENG #CricketNewsinHindi #SportsnewsinHindi

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VK got asked about the pitch for the N number of time in pre match PC ..

Well this look & in the words of Sunny G .. he was like "chal futt"

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@MichaelVaughan @TelegraphSport Hey crying mumma!!!
Still here to blame the pitch?

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Axar - 4 wickets, Ashwin - 3 wickets, Siraj - 2 wickets, Sundar - 1 wicket!
It’s just a coincidence or what on same day having date 4/3/21😳


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#INDvsENG Test 4 day 1
#England batted for 205/10. 4 Wickets to #Axarpatel #India at 26/1 let's see what happens on day 2.

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Not just spinners, pacers too are playing their part. Tomorrow could be the day of batsmen. Good cricket overall.

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#England fans - was this pitch unfit for test #cricket too, or has it finally dawned upon you that your batsmen are unfit to play top class spin bowling? #IndVsEng

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@IndiaToday इंडिया-इंग्लैंड श्रंखला :-

"@aajtak का बल्ला है, इसका हर पालतू दlla है"


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@aajtak इंडिया-इंग्लैंड श्रंखला :-

"@aajtak का बल्ला है, इसका हर पालतू दlla है"

#INDvsENG @IndiaToday

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Pant knocked my door. I opened. Mujhe wicket-keeping krni h, Ash bhaiya uth nhn rhe h; he said. We both went to Ash’s room. He opened. I left Pant there. It’s been half hour and I still can’t sleep.🗣" C’mmon Ash, C’mmon Ash!" Fuckinx dry state!! 😡


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@MichaelVaughan @YUVSTRONG12 @BCCI @imVkohli @harbhajan_singh @ashwinravi99 @root66 @vikrantgupta73 @GautamGambhir Sad that 1 of India's GOATs is not being given due credit by former players..Ashwin looked under pressure today..d argument abt flat pitches during Bhaj & Kumble is a joke coz that means runs scored by #fab5 were on easy pitches! #AhmedabadTest #INDvsENG #ashwin400 #Cricket #BCCI

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Jimmy u beauty!!
Photographer knows that✊🏼

#INDvsENG #INDvsENG_2021
#ENGvIND #channel4cricket

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@StarSportsIndia @WasimJaffer14 Never got to see Mr. Gavaskar play but always heard about his courageous and fighting attitude from my father (a Gavaskar fan). Listening to his commentry gives me a fair idea how fearless fighter he would have been in his playing days. @StarSportsIndia #INDvsENG #chalfutt #OnOn

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@MichaelVaughan your English batsmen need this bat to play our Spin Bowling and yet U will still lose wickets

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played 6 tests in a row & top 10 in rankings now @ImRo45 😎 #RohitSharma #INDvsENG

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Intha siraj paya thaa summa sanda mooti vititu irukan complaint pannikitu 🤦‍♂️

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Chill bro😂😂 dono Indians hai aur dono hi future hai
Both will perform well don't campare at such an early stage🇮🇳 #IndvsEng #ShubmanGill #PrithviShaw

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@PoppingCreaseSA Huge thank you for your updates today..India in control once more... #INDvsENG .😏🏏🏏

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He was an opener in u-19 world cup and opened well in Australia too. I'm sure he will do well going ahead. #ShubmanGill #IndvsEng

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Another day another collapse - ah well there goes the 4th test and the series #INDvsENG

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Sunny G is not mincing his words on all the talk about the pitch 💥 - " #ChalPhut!"

Waiting to see what meme @WasimJaffer14 can turn this into 🤭

#INDvENG #AmdavadTaiyarHai #IndiaTaiyarHai

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In Indian Test cricket lot many impressive youngsters have been forced to open. Except Sehwag none succeeded. Is Gill an opener ? Most of the renowned former Cricketers I spoke to said he isn't & he should bat at 5.

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Siraj just said that Stokes abused him and he complained to Kohli, who then had a word with the Englishman.

KOHLI IS A LEGEND!!! Loves his teammates, loves his team. Inspires them to not tolerate shit. The "I'm there if anything happens" is so important.

I love that man. ❤😭

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Last night Root & Stokes stole my single malt & chakhna so I ate Siraj’s biryani. Now you know.

#INDvENG #INDvsENG #TeamIndia

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First time since his debut run of 6 tests in 2013-14, Rohit Sharma has played 6 tests in a row for India again..

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Not sure about that @MichaelVaughan

Looks like you’re exposing that off stump a little too much. Maybe check your guard again?

No wonder England are struggling in India! Move #OnOn😴

#BharatArmy #BABants #COTI 🇮🇳

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