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@DonaldJTrumpJr @JDStunda @seanhannity @dbongino Attack and blame constituents for no balls leadership.

Don Junior cost us the election and will muck it up again.

Get him a job and out of the picture or find him a pile of Cocaine to keep occupied.



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@bioware So what you are saying is I was a complete #ID10T for listening to your lies pre-release and an even bigger one for wasting $120+ for your collectors edition? Did I get that right? Thanks for stealing my money @bioware @EA unless you refund it; you won't get another dime from me.

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Is this all the #Press can come up with? Seriously, the #id10t who wrote this article about @SenTedCruz and the editor who published it need to get a life @businessinsider! Do you have something of value that you can share with me?

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Nice. I just spent 5 min trying to figure out why this lump of DAX code was returning 0% everywhere. Can you spot the issue quicker than I did?

Goal was to get sales from 2008 forward as a percent of 2007 sales.
#PowerBI #DAX #ID10T

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@Marie1982_ @JoaquinCastrotx @donwinslow @JulianCastro Your ignorance is astounding. You're congratulating someone doing something for attention...not because they care. As for Cruz, he did nothing wrong....I know because I am a Texan. Anyone that could leave during the storm did and they were smart to leave. #ID10T

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Seeing as you don't know @SenTedCruz , and you and your ilk are the most uninformed people in this country; I'd say you don't know wtf you are talking about #CrazyCatLady #ID10T #LeftismIsAMentalDisorder

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@SunnyHoneymoon @noirjester1 @Paul_VanDerMeer Seeing as you don't know the man, and you and your ilk are the most uninformed people in this country; I'd say you don't know wtf you are talking about #CrazyCatLady #ID10T #LeftismIsAMentalDisorder

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@normbnyc @Strandjunker @NRA President Trump didn't launch an attack against the country #ID10T But you and your ilk just sit there and let your masters rig elections, lie 24/7, and instead of helping US citizens, you let them send BILLIONS to other countries and their offshore accounts.

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@laurenboebert You must work very hard to be that stupid. Little vocabulary lesson for not written by the NRA and QAnon. Amendment...fancy word that means "oh, we had another thought on this subject." #ID10T #ResignBoebert #QAnonCult #QAnonsense #ExpelLaurenBoebert #SeditiousGOP

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@noirjester1 @Paul_VanDerMeer Yep, really sounds like him 😁

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MCO in the Red Zone states implemented till 4th March but lower primary school classes starts on March 1st... what kind of MCO is this? Speaks volumes of the People in power implementing all these SOP's!
#Facepalm #ID10T #bodohnakmampus

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Are you not sick of this yet? Die-hard Trumpublican sycophants DO NOT Care About YOU!!! @tedcruz #TedCruzResign #SpecialPlaceInHell #Id10t

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@RepPressley @POTUS No he doesn't have the authority to wipe away bad individual decisions to waste money on degrees like "under water basket weaving" or "gender studies". You signed the contracts, you agreed to the stipulations, others have worked to pay off their debts; so can you #ID10T's...

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Mi seh! #Id10t

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Bamboozled enuh. Goodie say she know deep down in her heart she nuh have it. If only a so illness go lol

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@RUKnightGuy @MicheleSchiesse @dvpic64 @ProfessorPerino @WritesHappy @BonneMamanUS There is not a thought process currently operating in that troll.Probably never has been and never will. A uncorrectable #ID10T condition.

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@davidwebbshow @LeaderMcConnell All Cocaine Mitch had to do was agree to $2000 checks back in January and he is still Majority Leader today after Rs win ONE GA Semate seat.
But NOOO...
He had to throw Trump and the Nation under the bus and hide behind β€œspending” which is now going to happen anyway. #ID10T

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@hardwick Dude. Just listened to the #ElizabethShue #ID10T podcast. So great. And her voice sounds like she has perfectly straight teeth

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@AnUnevenKeel That's your problem, you assume to know what you are talking about when you don't. As you share the group think that your masters have they wouldn't think to remove you...Yet. But eventually, when it's too late, your social media masters will turn on you too. #WakeUp #ID10T

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That’s Not Fired #id10t

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Biden on Jan 20: β€œIf you ever work with me & I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I will fire you on the spot. No ifs, ands or buts.” February 12: Deputy WH Press Sec TJ Ducklo blatantly disrespects female reporter, only gets 1 week suspension

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this guy is and #idiot #id10T

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@MeidasTouch Did you get your #SJW #Snowflake #FakeWoke #VictimMentality from social media and the bubble you live in? #ID10T

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@SquawkCNBC #ID10t alert, the views expressed within are their own.

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