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You just had to be there #HappinessBeginsTour

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Si lo que queréis es vivir la emoción del #happinessbeginstour lo ideal es ver el documental de los chicos llamado 'Happiness continues' .

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Joanne and Jam had an awesome getaway, because they were able to drive in peace in a vehicle that is reliable. Thanks !” – Joanne 📸

#jbxv1 #friendshipgoals #friendshipbracelets #friendshipday #happinessisachoice #happiness💕 #happinessbeginstour
#lam #pickup #vacation

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qualcuno ha foto dell' #happinessbeginstour da usare come sfondo? grazie in anticipoooo
ho bisogno di un po' di Jonas

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Após NOVENTA SHOWS, a #HappinessBeginsTour chegava ao fim num dia como hoje, um ano atrás!

A “turnê que nunca chegou ao Brasil” vendeu mais de UM MILHÃO DE INGRESSOS e está entre as 10 mais rentáveis de 2019! 🔥🎸💰

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It has been a year since the last @jonasbrothers’ show in Paris at the @Accor_Arena 😢


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1 year ago.
The last concert of @jonasbrothers in Paris 😍

@nickjonas @joejonas @kevinjonas
Thx guys, you're very great singers 😘

(Sorry for my english, i'm french 😅 )

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@joejonas I’m judging you if you don’t retweet or acknowledge the fact that the #HappinessBeginsTour ended a year ago in Paris. Your tears were real, and they hit on a whole new level now. 😭💔

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Qui se rappelle de la pancarte « Tour is over but Happiness isn’t » ? Non parce qu’elle a mal vieilli en fait 😭 #HappinessBeginsTour

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1 year since the last time at our happy place, living our 10 year old dream😔 #HappinessBeginsTour @BarbGrm @bonjouruel @jonasbrothers @kevinjonas @nickjonas @joejonas

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Come back to me, baby, I'll come back to you 🥺 - @jonasbrothers #HappinessBeginsTour

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Last year was the last date of the #HappinessBeginsTour. Let’s face it, it just went downhill from there.

*brb, playing Hesitate on repeat* 😭

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A year ago today I went to my last concert. I really miss #HappinessBeginsTour

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Today one year ago ... The last concert of the #happinessbeginstour in Paris ❤️❤️❤️😭 @jonasbrothers @nickjonas @joejonas @kevinjonas

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Can we appreciate the peak of my happiness during #HappinessBeginsTour @jonasbrothers @joejonas @nickjonas @kevinjonas

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1 an depuis mon dernier concert et que j’ai entendu cette merveille en live, ça me manque trop 😞😞 #HappinessBeginsTour

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Justo en el cora 💘😍🤗

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One year ago. What I would give to relive this night, to feel this way again. Thank you again @jonasbrothers 💜 #HappinessBeginsTour #Paris

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Il y a un tout PILE je vivais aux côtés de @Tlodiie et @KenzaOl mon meilleur & dernier concert 🥺 #happinessbeginstour

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One years
I miss u on stage
The jonas brothers are magical in Paris ❤️
#JonasBrothers #happinessbeginstour #Paris
@nickjonas @joejonas @kevinjonas @jonasbrothers

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📌 Un día como hoy hace 1 año: @jonasbrothers

Se presentaban en el @Accor_Arena (París, FR) finalizando el #HappinessBeginsTour con un sold-out show.

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Il y a 1 an, le concert des @jonasbrothers à Paris ❤ on vivait notre meilleure vie, ça me manque trop ! Rendez-nous tout ça ! #Sucker 👏🏻 #HappinessBeginsTour

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⭐️ The Happiness Begins Tour officially ended a year ago today in Paris! Here’s some messages for the Jonas Brothers on that night.

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A year ago the #HappinessBeginsTour ended after 90 shows in Paris, France.

What shows did you attended to?

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Il y a un an, je faisais le Meet and Greet et le backstage tour du #happinessbeginstour une expérience exceptionnelle 🥰 meilleur concert de ma vie @jonasbrothers ❤️ (c’est le SOS officiel du clip 😍)

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I can't believe it's been year. this show is so special and unforgettable 😻
The concerts miss me so much and this boys too ❤️ #HappinessBeginsTour

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I can't believe it's been a year since the #HappinessBeginsTour ended in Paris. It was the most emotional and special concert I ever went to.. I probably cried more than Joe.. I miss the boys and concerts more than anything @jonasbrothers @nickjonas @kevinjonas @joejonas

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Happy one year to the best night of 2020. The end of the #HappinessBeginsTour 🥺

@joejonas @nickjonas @kevinjonas @jonasbrothers

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Le temps où la vie était la vie, le temps où les concerts partout s’enchaînaient, le temps où j’avais à nouveau 14ans, ces deux dates étaient tellement parfaites. Putain de nostalgie, je veux vivre ça encore et encore. #paris #happinessbeginstour #2020 #oneyear @jonasbrothers 🥺

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Il y a un an jour pour jour je vivais mon dernier concert 😭 #HappinessBeginsTour 🥺❤️

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1 years ago, the final stage of the tour Happiness begins. A lot of emotions 😭😅🥰💘😍

😎😎😎 #happinessbeginstour #JonasBrothers #joejonas #NickJonas #kevinjonas

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Déjà 1ans que j’ai vus les Jonas 😭😔 c’était mon dernier concert #happinessbeginstour

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One year ago, I lived my best night ever 😭🥰 @nickjonas @joejonas @kevinjonas @jonasbrothers #HappinessBeginsTour #Paris

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