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This guy is a piece of work. He's blaming Fannibals for his show getting poor audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Seriously? The critics' score is 32%. Whatever dude.🙄

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//tw blood/knife!!!

Okay so <3 i digitized my #hannibal elk sketches. Maybe I'll do Will next who knows #hannibalfanart #Hannibal2021

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2 dakikacık Hannibal ın 4.sezonunun gelmedini aklımdan çıkarınca önüme gelen şeye bakın 😭
#HannibalDeservesMore #Hannibal2021

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@primevideouk Having a #Hannibal marathon after you order Season 4? Sign me up #HannibalDeservesMore #Hannibal2021

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@BryanFuller I never considered the trans aspect of Hannibal. I saw many queer coding and themes, especially relating to sexuality and how it related to my personal experience. But now I see it differently. This opened my eyes and now I relate to Hannibal EVEN MORE! #HannibalDeservesMore

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#Hannibal2021 you got nasty ♡

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Ok I was thinking of something and what if @JimCarrey played buffalo bill in #Hannibal2021 with our kings @theofficialmads and #hughdancy and made buffalo bill way more crazy but Mason verger (thanks to the loopy gas thingy hannibal gave him) mixed with dollerhyde crazy

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@frenchfannibals @EW @CanalplusSeries @Shudder @screenrant @nerdist @IMDb @cineseriescom @Variety @DEADLINE @TVLine #HannibalDeservesMore

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We love this wonderful cast more than anything!
#HannibalDeservesMore #Hannibal2021 #Love

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"I'm sorry about your wife, Jack. I truly am. I believe the world is a better place with her in it."

#Hannibal2021 #HannibalDeservesMore

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I can’t believe:

A) this show aired on NBC
B) I got to work on its social team
C) it was GOOD AS HELL™️
D) y’all didn’t watch it!!!

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