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#GoesWrongShow is back this Christmas with #Nativity - looking forward to seeing what mishaps our brilliant @bryony_corrigan gets up to! @mischiefcomedy @bigtalk @BBCOne

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This is going to be hilarious! Why do I have a feeling 'Mary's going to get pregnant in the barn when 'Jesus' is supposed to be born? #GoesWrongShow

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Cannot wait for this! Feels like @mischiefcomedy Cornley have written the script for 2020!! #makingmischief #GoesWrongShow

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@mischiefcomedy Took me too long to realise your comedy is perfect for my little brother πŸ˜‚. Can't wait for his reaction to the tiny courtroom. #GoesWrongShow

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@JillHurst14 Or knowing Cornley and #GoesWrongShow, the worst 🀣

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The Nativity Goes Wrong! Well, Christmas just got a little merrier! I loved the 1999 Christmas episode of The Vicar of Dibley with its chaotic presentation of The Nativity (on the farm) and I cannot wait for this one! Thank you @mischiefcomedy and @BBCOne! πŸ“Ί #GoesWrongShow

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The saviours of Christmas 2020 πŸ‘πŸ»
#GoesWrongShow #BBCGhosts

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@ElisabethHobbes Ha - that also makes Cornley and #GoesWrongShow feel a bit better too 🀣

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@jjackson42 @ElisabethHobbes Thanks John! Here's hoping it all goes wrong for our #GoesWrongShow crew... SORRY RIGHT!

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@TheFlyingKipper We don't think ANYONE has ever said that about #GoesWrongShow and Cornley before... at least not in a good way!

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@Pecks1992 We can't wait to be back on your screens making Mischief! #GoesWrongShow

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@mischiefcomedy @BBCOne @bbccomedy @bigtalk @milkpublicity Very excited household on hearing this news 😍 2020 started with watching #GoesWrongShow and will end with it too- couldn't be more appropriate for 2020.

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.@mischiefcomedy's #GoesWrongShow is back for a Christmas special on BBC One soon!

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YAYYYYYYYYY! I love #GoesWrongShow, this is going to be hilarious!

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🀩 This Christmas will go wrong with @mischiefcomedy (and I can't wait) #GoesWrongShow

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Cornley are back to ruin your Christmas, this time with the Nativity gone VERY wrong! Tune into our #GoesWrongShow Christmas special on @BBCOne this December πŸ“Ί #BBCComedy

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@henrywlewis Just thought I'd tell you I'm a Yank craving more of the #GoesWrongShow. I couldn't stop watching. It was amazing.

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Listening to @cinemasins #sincast and over the moon someone other than me has seen and loved the #goeswrongshow. I’ve seen the lodge 4 times and also in tears. It is sensational.

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Congratulations to our creative, crafty Mischief Maker Dennis De Groot - who has just won the @RTS_media Award for Production Design on #GoesWrongShow πŸ‘

Looks like something HAS gone right for Cornley for once πŸ˜‚ #RTSAwards

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The first award of the night goes to Dennis De Groot for Production Design – Entertainment & Non Drama for The Goes Wrong Show. Congratulations! #RTSAwards

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@mischiefcomedy Name four characters from the #GoesWrongShow who wear gloves, including fingerless gloves, for the entire episode.

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Et un clin d'Ε“il au @mischiefcomedy et leur #GoesWrongShow, roi du british chaos

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Just been watching #goeswrongshow on iplayer for the tenth time and it is still every bit as funny as the first! Excellent writing, comedic timing and acting from every member of the crew! Can't wait for series 2. @mischiefcomedy

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@Theodora_Witch Wow! Did we do something... right?! #GoesWrongShow πŸ₯³

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@jamesmiglehart 😍 Thanks so much James! Robert Grove will be pleased to hear he WAS giving a good performance after all πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ #GoesWrongShow

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When you're that one friend who thinks it's NEVER too early to start listening to Christmas music (and rightly so!) πŸŽ…πŸ€£ #GoesWrongShow

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🎢 There's noo place like homee
there's noo place like hooome!🎢
That singing can only ever mean one thing -( no,I haven't gone completely crazy!πŸ˜‚)
It's the brilliant Harper's Locket!! πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸΈπŸ΄πŸŽΉπŸˆ@mischiefcomedy
#procreate #digitalart #fanart #GoesWrongShow

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@greigsmith32 Hi Greig, thanks for your message! For future news on #GoesWrongShow, stay tuned to our channels and BBC Comedy 😊

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@mischiefcomedy Marcus and Claire and Understudies. Love at first and second sight. #GoesWrongShow

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In the event that there isn't anything Goes Wrong Show-ish at Christmas, at least there's a new Birds Of A Feather. Hooray! #goeswrongshow #birdsofafeather

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I love this @henrywlewis @JonathanSayer1 and @HenryShields So funny--and while it is over the top...but is it really?? Can totally relate. #GoesWrongShow

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Besoin de rire, d'aller au théÒtre, de casser les murs et de voir une comΓ©die du travail ? Le #Goeswrongshow fait tout Γ§a, dans une mΓ©canique du chaos Γ  laisser rΓͺveur et par terre. On en parle dans @libe. Disponible sur @PrimeVideoFR.

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This is very funny as you would expect from #goeswrongshow

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We Adored this. The absolute highlight of #ChildrenInNeed and probably of 2020 too except for when we saw @mischiefcomedy live in Regents Park and MET 2 of the company! #GoesWrongShow

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Mischief Makers around the world πŸ“’ We are proud to share Cornley's latest scene: A Romantic Dinner. (Well, proud might be too strong a word, when #GoesWrongShow is involved!) πŸ˜… #ChildrenInNeed

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