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I've been saying this for the past 9 months or so. Almost word for word. Now being printed in mainstream media. #COVID19 #covid19ga #gapol

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@bluestein The real question the GA GOP needs to answer is how can they continue to support Trump & Trumpism after what he did ?
Journalists need to ask the GA GOP elected leaders. #gapol

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I am sorry you don't enjoy the freeness and intimate relationship your build with your City when you explore it on wheels.
Of course majority of our elected officials are the same way, which is why our Infrastructure is car centric.
#atlpol #gapol

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"They Think They Have The Power ...": Voting Protest Leads To Clash Betw... via @YouTube #NoOnHB531 #gapol

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#Virginia joins the 30% of other states in legalizing #marijuana #gapol

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@fred_guttenberg @LibsInAmerica The Trump/QAnon conspiracy cult has taken over the GOP. They are out of touch with Americans, regardless of Party. The demise of the GOP is assured. We proved it in GA during the Senate runoffs. Trumpism failed. #gapol

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Take action now to fight voter suppression in GA. Email legislators now and demand they VOTE NO on #HB531 to protect voter rights. #gapol

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You know, Governor — we still remember when you actually SUED Keisha Lance Bottoms — just for trying to keep #covid under control in your Capitol city, #Atlanta with a simple mask 😷 mandate! Your disappointments about vaccine distribution now ring a little hollow. #gapol

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2)Often, state Republican lawmakers said these measures were necessary to prevent widespread voter fraud, despite a lack of evidence. #gapol #VotingRights #Congress

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@GabrielSterling 76% of Americans, including 60% of Republicans support President Biden’s COVID19 relief package.
The Trump/ QAnon GOP conspiracy crowd , failed America.
America is moving past Trumpism, forever. 🇺🇸 #gapol

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- No need to fix nonexistent problem. The editorial board of the AJC says it well. Georgia legislators take note. #gapol

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@VP @kindlee55 Americans, including Republicans are overwhelmingly in support of President Biden’s COVID19 relief package. 🇺🇸
Let’s get it done together!!!!!

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I’m ready to step up this is BS” #gapol #VotingMatters

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We need Congress to stop playing and make the John Lewis Voting Rights Bill HAPPEN ASAP!!!
Brother John Lewis wouldn’t stand for this shit! #HB531 #GAPOL

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#VoterSuppression is on the move. YOUR voice is needed against these efforts in GA. Call 1-833-993-3247 to be connected to your legislator. In Statehouses, Stolen-Election Myth Fuels a GOP Drive to Rewrite Rules #DontBotherMyBallot #GALatinoVote #gapol

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Georgia folks, I hope y’all paying attention to what’s happening with our voting rights!
These jank ass Republicans are trying their best to undo Queen Stacey Abrams good work from 2020 & take us back to JIM CROW! #ProtectTHEVOTE #HB531 #GAPOL #VoterSupression

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Dear Congress pass HR 1 and HR 4 to prevent this Blatant voter suppression.

-Signed Georgia Voters #gapol #HouseDemocrats #SenateDemocrats

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There is only one side to play in voter suppression and it's not with the fascist republicans. It seems the GQP” needs a lesson in Civil Rights because our votes matter @CNNPolitics @MSNBC #gapol #VotingRights

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Even as Trump sought to overturn a democratic election last year, allies said they would use his false claims to shape future elections. Now, in dozens of states, they’re trying.

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Sounds good to me...

“The role of the press in a functioning democracy is as watchdog, not partisan attack dog. Politicians have plenty of people spinning for them. They don’t need the press doing that, too.” ⁦@maureendowd#GAPol

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The burn is real. 🔥🔥🔥
Can’t believe that this is the face of the GOP. Embarrassing.
#gapol 😂😂😂

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@AuforGA @KristenKfromGA @GovKemp 76% of Americans & 60% of Republicans support President Biden’s COVID19 relief package.
Kemp needs to get with the program. Georgia voters are paying attention. #gapol

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@SenatorWarnock @SenatorWarnock
These numbers are amazing.
76% of Americans & 60% of Republicans support President Biden’s COVID19 relief package.
Wow. 🇺🇸 Nice work. Georgia appreciates what you’re doing for this state. #gapol

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Seriously? This is what the party of limited govt gives us? I have so many problems w/ this I honestly am not even sure where to begin. But I'll start w/ asking my govt to stop telling us how to behave. @GaRepublicans @ajc #gapol @GeorgiaDemocrat

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@ossoff These numbers are amazing.

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@SenOssoff @ossoff These support numbers tell you everything about Biden’s COVID19 relief package.
76% of Americans support it & 60% of Republicans.
Wow. 🇺🇸 #gapol

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Lawd. Keep striving, #GaPol! 🤣

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Agree! 👇🏻 #gapol - No need to fix nonexistent problem

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@GabrielSterling Whataboutism at its finest. Republicans support ZERO aid for GA. Our state Democrats secured aid for GA and all 50 states in this bill. Georgians see right through this false and weak talking point. Do better. #gapol @bluestein

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John Lewis - #Atlanta's 17th Street Bridge is large, attractive, prominent and is in #GoodTrouble #JohnLewis' 5th District. We should rename it for him.

@KeishaBottoms @mariasaporta @FOX5Atlanta @cl_atlanta @CityofAtlanta #GAPOL

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Don't miss #TheGeorgiaGang THIS MORNING at 8:30!

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@RepBourdeaux @Carolyn4GA7
Americans 76%, including 60% of Republicans support you on Biden’s COVID19 relief package.
Excellent work. 🇺🇸
#GA07 #GA09 #GA06 #gapol

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I will never own a bike after watching this. Friggin’ weirdos.

@cqholt @HowEPhil

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@LynzforCongress wow and I thought #gapol @GaRepublicans was horrendous

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is nothing more then a indoctrination media to brain wash stupid

Into Americans that DONT use that between their ears

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Someone has registered web domains for:

• Georgia AG Chris Carr, Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan and football star Herschel Walker potential campaigns for Senate (presumably U.S. Senate) and
• Herschel Walker for governor.

Disclaimer: Anybody can buy a web domain for anything. #gapol

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Marjorie Taylor Greene stopped by the Update desk tonight.

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📺 On CNN today, I discussed the worship of Trump at #CPAC2021 🤦🏽‍♀️

I asked why in the world would the GOP want to hitch their wagon to a failed, twice impeached, insurrectionist former president...🤷🏽‍♀️

Here’s a clip...

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...and lends additional aid to businesses dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to a new $7.5 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program, the bill also calls for $25 billion in grants to restaurants and bars.

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Disappointing to see Democrats vote to provide $1.3 billion less to our state than Georgia would have received under previous aid formulas.

This bill hits Georgia the hardest and rewards California and New York the most. #gapol

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The fact that we are about to be hit with a tidal wave of voter suppression legislation by Republican legislatures throughout the country is the most under reported story right now. The media is unequipped to cover this in clear moral terms and instead prefers to both sides it.

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John Lewis died today. You see the name on the bridge he's crossing in Selma, AL? It's the #EdmundPettusBridge named for a pro-slavery Confederate who was a KKK Grand Dragon. It's still there named Edmund Pettus Bridge. WTH is wrong with Alabama? Change the damn name already.

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