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"Within 9 months, COVID 19 had several treatments, tests and upcoming vaccines. To the Lyme patients, I am so sorry you have been again marginalized by those charged with your health"

#LymeDisease #FightBack #FightLyme
#Lyme #coronavirus #COVID19

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From the LDA Website- LDA Pres: Last Remarks to Working Group on Suppression of Chronic Lyme! Read what the sole patient advocate on the 2020 WG had to say... #LymeDiseaseAssociation #LDA #TBDWG @HHSGov

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To get the #FightLyme T-Shirt Avril & Friends are wearing, please visit ! 100% net proceeds from this shirt help provide PREVENTION resources and TREATMENT grants to individuals and families affected by Lyme disease, and to accelerate scientific RESEARCH.

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Read about #FightLyme with @AvrilLavigne in our new issue out now! She was just a sk8r grl in our 2004 cover story #TBT

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On #GivingTuesday, we’re so grateful for YOU! We hope you will consider a donation to one of our partner charities. @WeAreCCK @eastersealshq @fender_play @LymeAlliance @LymeLightFNDN @lymetreatmentfn @MakeAWish @projecthopeorg @RaceToEraseMS @SpecialOlympics @UNICEF

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We absolutely LOVE #Bogavia!! Their entire product line is completely CLEAN, non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free & gluten-free. Best of all, they GIVE BACK! When you shop at , use code AVRIL at checkout and 50% of your purchase helps us #FightLyme

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Has anyone received the merch included with @AvrilLavigne’s #FightLyme concert ticket yet? I’m in the uk and have asked several times with no reply. They were supposed to be mailed out Nov 2 but I haven’t received anything! @AvrilFoundation @AvrilLavigne can you help?

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Yale scientists identify protein that protects against Lyme disease

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if only my #BrainFog wasn't so bad today, i would have remembered who i was chatting with about #LymeDisease & #Cellulitis

must be a sign, though, since i saw this today!


Lyme disease mimics postoperative cellulitis

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Join Us In The Fight Against Lyme Disease By Joining A Research Study For New Diagnostics

PLEASE pass it on!


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Thank you @CTVW5 for covering this important story. @lookingatlyme_ will be watching and following your coverage! Watch ‘Bitten' this Saturday at 7pm. #LymeDisease #Lyme #ctv #investigation #fightlyme

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Joining the #FightLyme movement by purchasing your shirt and sharing the #FightLyme PSA makes a huge impact on individuals and families affected by Lyme.

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Living with Lyme disease. @MollyThomasTV explores the struggle thousands of Canadians face when trying to get diagnosed and treated for what can be a devastating and life long illness. Watch ‘Bitten' this Saturday at 7pm. #LymeDisease #Lyme #ctv #investigation #fightlyme

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Grant applications close this Friday, November 20th! U.S. and Canadian residents eligible to apply. No age restrictions. Apply online at ! 💚 #lymedisease #treatmentgrants #fightlyme #lymetreatmentforall

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"...lesser symptoms sound fairly benign, but piled up and never-ending, they can make daily living grueling. Explaining neurological Lyme disease to someone else can feel like hitting my head against a fog wall."


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We’re so grateful for your support of the #LymeCommunity! Your purchase of this shirt (seen on
@AvrilLavigne & friends during #FightLyme) helps us support even more individuals & families in
need. Get yours now at

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We’re so grateful for your support of the #LymeCommunity! Your purchase of this shirt (seen on
@AvrilLavigne & friends during #FightLyme) helps us support even more individuals & families in
need. Get yours now at

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sounds promising! current tests for #LymeDisease are notoriously unreliable, so this could be a good step in the right direction!


Galaxy Diagnostics Launches the Most Sensitive Test Available for Direct Detection of Lyme Disease

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Finally got my fan made ticket by @dumbevans Thank you so much! It’s a beautiful idea to keep it as a souvenir 🖤🙏🏻 #FightLyme #Avrillavigne @AvrilLavigne @AvrilFoundation

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Today in our $20,000 Famous Friends 💵contest, #TheBTeam got to speak with @AvrilLavigne about her work with the #AvrilLavigneFoundation that is helping to #FightLyme and so much more.

Check out the interview now!

#Avril #Charity #Awareness #GoodCause

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Guys all videos from #fightlyme were deleted on YouTube, so if u wanna watch them u can visit our group

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Avril Lavigne via instagram, she also deleted the #FightLyme PSA video and posted it on her IGTV.

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Hoodies! Masks! T-Shirts! Numbered & Hand Signed Lithos and More! LAST CHANCE TO GET YOUR LIMITED-EDITION #FIGHTLYME MERCH

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Avril was GREAT at the #FightLyme concert especially when she sang the songs from her latest album. You can really see how near to her heart those songs are and how much she worked on trying to sing them in a different way. The jazzy/soul direction she took really suits her! 🥺

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Replying to @AvrilLavigne: HURRY! Get your #FightLyme merch before it disappears Monday! I’m hand-signing (cont)

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@Imstillbroken Avril ha cancellato dal suo profilo instagram tutte le foto sull'evento #FightLyme perché nei commenti c'erano molti fan arrabbiati per il fatto che Avril avesse cantato solo 4 canzoni, non capendo il vero motivo per il quale è stato fatto il concerto (per beneficenza)

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#FightLyme concert souvenir ticket by @dumbevans I have printed mine and it looks amazing if you want to get yours, dm him ✨
@AvrilLavigne #avrillavigne

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Have you heard of #LymeDisease ? Maybe you or a loved one are personally affected? @AvrilLavigne @ThisIsRobThomas @alessiacara and @OneRepublic rocked out, raised a little hope, awareness, and funds to #FightLyme

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#FightLyme の限定グッズ販売は月曜日まで💚

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Last weekend I attended the @AvrilLavigne #fightlyme virtual concert. Here's what I learned: New #blogpost for @LymeAlliance #lymewarrior @AvrilFoundation

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Go get your limited edition @AvrilLavigne #FightLyme merch now before it’s too late 💚

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HURRY! Get your #FightLyme merch before it disappears Monday! I’m hand-signing the numbered, limited-edition lithos & love every item in this very special line!! 100% net proceeds to @AvrilFoundation to benefit the Lyme community. Buy now at:

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Join me & @AvrilLavigne to #FightLyme. Net proceeds from the shirt we’re wearing go to @AvrilFoundation to support the Lyme community. Get yours now at #FightLymeWithAvrilAndFriends

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