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¡GRACIAS por ser parte de la inauguración de los @premioslntdlpaz! Con tu ayuda logramos tener una noche inolvidable en celebración de nuestros galardonados @ricky_martin, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni, @opalayo, #DrFauci y #VintCerf. Ve el show aquí:

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THANK YOU for being part of our inaugural @IntlPeaceHonors! You helped make it an evening to remember in celebration of our outstanding honorees @ricky_martin, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni @InstitutoRaoni, @opalayo, #DrFauci & #VintCerf.
Replay the show at

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@PeaceTechLab @IntlPeaceHonors Lest we forget how #fragile we are, #violence, #coronavirus, #wildfires, & more have humbled us. @OfficialSting’s #performance was timely & inspiring. We have much more to #learn from #ChiefRaoni. Let’s all vow to protect the #Amazon & achieve #UnitedNations #SDGs. @IgniteSimpact

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Join #CAI for @PeaceTechLab's @IntlPeaceHonors w/ #DrFauci, @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @vgcerf, #ChiefRaoni, @OfficialSting, @alejandrosanz, @StephenCurry30 & more advocates for #peace. It's #streaming now: @IgniteSimpact #togetherforpeace #paz​ #socialgood

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So excited to be performing #IoSi during the @IntlPeaceHonors TODAY, January 17! #DrFauci, @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @vgcerf, #ChiefRaoni, @sting, @alejandrosanz and I are waiting for you.
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¡Qué emocionante, estamos a un día de los @premioslntdlpaz! Sintonízanos el 17 de enero, conducido por @NataliaJimenez, para rendir homenaje a líderes como @ricky_martin, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni @InstitutoRaoni, @opalayo, #VintCerf y #DrFauci💫

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How exciting, we’re one day away from the @IntlPeaceHonors! Tune in on Jan. 17, hosted by @NataliaJimenez, to pay tribute to global leaders such as @ricky_martin, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni @InstitutoRaoni, @opalayo, #VintCerf, and #DrFauci💫. Register

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In 2 Days!! ✨🎊 Don’t miss the
@IntlPeaceHonors on Jan. 17, as we honor @ricky_martin, #DrFauci, @montanertwiter, @opalayo, #ChiefRaoni, and #VintCerf. There will be amazing performances. Register at

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¡En 2 días! ✨🎊 No te pierdas los @premioslntdlpaz el 17 de enero donde honraremos a @ricky_martin, #DrFauci, @montanertwiter, @opalayo, #ChiefRaoni @InstitutoRaoni y #VintCerf. Habrá increíbles actuaciones musicales. Regístrate hoy mismo en:

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In 2 Days!! ✨🎊 Don’t miss the
@IntlPeaceHonors on Jan. 17, as we honor @ricky_martin, #DrFauci, @montanertwiter, @opalayo, #ChiefRaoni, and #VintCerf. There will be amazing performances. Register at

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In 3 Days!! Don’t miss the @IntlPeaceHonors on Jan. 17, as we honor @ricky_martin, #DrFauci, @montanertwiter, @opalayo, #ChiefRaoni, and #VintCerf. There will be amazing performances. Register at

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¡Estamos a una semana! Únete a nosotros y a nuestra increíble anfitriona @NataliaJimenez en una noche espectacular durante los @premioslntdlpaz el 17 de enero, mientras honramos a @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni, @vgcerf y #DrFauci.

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We are one week away! Join us and our amazing host @NataliaJimenez for a spectacular evening during the @IntlPeaceHonors on Jan. 17 as we honor global leaders such as @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni, @vgcerf & #DrFauci. Register at

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Estamos encantados de honrar al #ChiefRaoni, líder del pueblo Kayapó, y celebrar su compromiso de preservar la #SelvaAmazónica y proteger las #culturasindígenas durante los @premioslntdlpaz el 17 de enero. Regístrate para ver gratuitamente . @InstitutoRaoni

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We are thrilled to honor the Amazonian #ChiefRaoni, leader of the Kayapó people, and celebrate his commitment to preserving the #Amazon rainforest and protecting #indigenouscultures during the @IntlPeaceHonors on Jan. 17. Register at . @institutoraoni

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¡Noticias increíbles! El músico de renombre mundial y ambientalista, @OfficialSting, se presentará en los @premioslntdlpaz, este 17 de enero y entregará un premio a su amigo cercano #ChiefRaoni con quien comparte el propósito de proteger la Amazonía.

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Exciting news! World-renowned musician & environmentalist, @OfficialSting, will be performing at the @IntlPeaceHonors on Jan. 17 & will present an award to his close friend #ChiefRaoni with whom he shares the purpose of protecting the Amazon. Register at:

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Watch the The International Peace Honors awards ceremony this month.
This year's honorees/guests include #drfacui @NIAIDNews @montanertwiter @opalayo #chiefraoni .
@OfficialSting @AlejandroSanz , @CamiloMusica @EvaLongoria @StephenCurry30 & others

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Honored to be recognized on Sunday 1/17 at the @IntlPeaceHonors for the legacy of @RM_Foundation, along with #DrFauci, @opalayo, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni & @vgcerf. Register to watch for FREE:
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We’re 2 weeks away from an unforgettable evening! Join us on Sunday, January 17th for the @IntlPeaceHonors with our host @NataliaJimenez as we honor @opalayo, @montanertwiter, @ricky_martin, #ChiefRaoni @InstitutoRaoni, #DrFauci, and @vgcerf. Register

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Join me on January 17th during @IntlPeaceHonors for a tribute to my dear friend #ChiefRaoni @institutoraoni, protector of the #Brazilian Amazon. Also being honored #DrFauci, @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @vgcerf, and @montanertwiter.
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So excited to be performing during the @IntlPeaceHonors on Sunday, January 17 where remarkable leaders will be honored including: #DrFauci, @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @vgcerf, and #ChiefRaoni.
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Domenica 17 gennaio canterò #IoSi a @IntlPeaceHonors, il premio internazionale per personaggi di tutto il mondo che si sono distinti per il loro importante contributo a cause sociali, tra cui #DrFauci, @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @vgcerf e #ChiefRaoni. ➡️

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¡Estamos a un mes! Acompáñanos el 17 de enero durante los @premioslntdlpaz para reconocer los increíbles logros de visionarios globales, incluidos #DrAnthonyFauci, @opalayo, @ricky_martin, #ChiefRaoni @InstitutoRaoni, @vgcerf y @montanertwiter.

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We are one month away! Join us on January 17th for the @IntlPeaceHonors to recognize the achievements of global visionaries including #DrAnthonyFauci, @opalayo, @ricky_martin, @montanertwiter, #ChiefRaoni @InstitutoRaoni, and @vgcerf.
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In solidarity. 👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿🇧🇷✊🏾.
#chiefraoni #indigenousrights #coronavirus2020

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Folks, lets keep this alive on social media. The indigenous people of the Amazon depend on our support during this pandemic. Please share and show your solidarity. 👉🏿👉🏿👉🏿🇧🇷✊🏾.
#chiefraoni #indigenousrights #coronavirus2020

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Please record and send your messages of solidarity to #ChiefRaoni and the people’s of the Amazon. An Injury to One is An Injury to All. Aluta continua.

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Please share & support #ChiefRaoni and the #IndigenousGuardians of the Amazon ✊💚 #COVID19 #deforestation via @YouTube

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👉🏿Please share this post to show your support for #ChiefRaoni and the #AmazonianPeople. Together, we must speak out against #Bolsonaro and his government for their treatment of Amazonian communities, who are among the worst affected by #COVID19.✊🏾🌳🌎

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Raoni Metuktire, a chief of the Kayapo people in northern Brazil and iconic defender of the Amazon rainforest is improving and expected to be released soon from hospital after a health scare. #ChiefRaoni #WeAreIndigenous

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😢🙏🏾🙏🏾 #ChiefRaoni 👇🏾 #Indigenous #Amazon 🇧🇷 #Brazil

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Brazil's Amazon chief Raoni is hospitalized

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Rainforest Foundation US is proud of the 30+ years of leadership @OfficialSting has brought to supporting rainforest protection around the world! #EarthDay2020 #EarthDayEveryDay #ChiefRaoni #IndigenousPeoples #Rainforest #ClimateAction #GuardiansoftheForest

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These Eco-Friendly Stars Are Making a Difference on #EarthDay and Every Day

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@BBCNewsnight coverage of the recent gathering of 600 #Indigenous leaders in the #AmazonRainforest - called by #ChiefRaoni - where a manifesto was formed that was presented to #10DowningStreet this week

#FlourishingDiversity #ClimateAction

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