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"Ethiopia: Eritrean troops’ massacre of hundreds of Axum civilians may amount to crime against humanity"
Stop #TigrayGenocide

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Diabolololo and Biden to the rescue.

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Eritrean troops fighting in #Ethiopia’s Tigray state systematically killed hundreds of unarmed civilians in Axum on 28-29 Nov 2020, opening fire in the streets and conducting house-to-house raids in a massacre that may amount to a crime against humanity.

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“There was not an army or forces inside the city at that time but they shelled the people. That was very scary … shelling and gunfire.” #AxumMassacre
@IntlCrimCourt @UN @POTUS What are you waiting for? ACT NOW! STOP #TigrayGenocide

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The massacre in #Axum: Eritrean troops "killed every man they found.”

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Not only should we haul both Isias Afwerki and @AbiyAhmedAli to the ICC, we need to ensure the whole HGDEF and PP administration should be accountable in the ICC #EritreaOutOfTigray #SanctionEthiopia

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The @amnesty report is out. According to our findings, the indiscriminate shelling of Axum by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops may amount to war crimes, and that the mass execution of Axum civilians by Eritrean troops may amount to crimes against humanity.

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The death toll is too high for the conflict to be managed by Ethiopia or the African Union alone - says Rwandan President, Paul Kagame on the #Tigray crisis.

Our Visiting Research Fellow, @DrMehari writes why the @UN must intervene in Tigray, #Ethiopia:

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