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Thalaiva @arrahman waiting for #99Songs in tamil from the lockdown, vaccine gonna come and the year is also gonna end. Release it soon, paathu pannunga...🤨🙏

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@arrahman hello sir! Can you pls provide any update for the Tamil songs of #99Songs? Will it ever be released? We certainly would love to hear it! ❤️🙏🏼

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50 days to 2021..
50. O Aashiqa.. @arrahman returned to his best with #99songs @shashwatsingh93 @MusicAloud @musicplusindia @SoundTrackIndia @baradwajrangan @anuragtagat @indoencers do u think ARR is back to his best? or is he definitely on the decline?

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@arrahman Hii Sir please release the song/songs of Shreya Ghoshal from #99Songs movie, we r waiting for so long.🥺🙏🏼

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Yeh nayi nayi nayi nayi nayi, yeh zindagi nayi nayi nayi! 🎶🎵 #NayiNayi #ARRahman #99Songs #NowPlaying ♥️💯

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@arrahman @singersrinivas @SilverTreeOffl @noiseandgrains @SonyMusicSouth Apdiye #99songs tamil album pathu pannunga sir😍🎶❤️

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@arrahman @YouTube Waiting for #99songs Tamil version sir 🖤

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@arrahman @YouTube Sir pls promote #99songs tamil version also sir

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@arrahman #99songs tamil version❤ 🙏🏻

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A few hours after writing the song "Momma Light Will Talk", decided to exclude one of the songs I had previously written for the album . So the number of the songs for my English album is back to 99 . #99songs

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This isn’t just a movie’s soundtrack album. It’s a ‘concept album’ that grabs your attention. #ARRahman #99Songs

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I got one like from mr. @arrahman #music_meastro #mozart_of_madras #isaipuyal #living_legend great human being எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே ❤😍🤲 @DD_nas_ @arrameen @ARRahmanFC24x7 #99songs #tamil #india #master #valimai #vijay #ajith #chennai #tirunelveli #nature

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Check out this powerful voice of @poorvikoutish9 in this amazing song #Jwalamukhi from #99songs an @arrahman musical, bravo @poorvikoutish9 u r no less than #Adele @sonymusicindia @jiostudios

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@arrahman @poorvikoutish9 @BToSproductions Sir , when you will release #99Songs movie ?

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soo wonderful, so deep
the voice melted my heart
Congrats dear Great master @arrahman 🙏🏻💙
#99songs ♥️ @poorvikoutish9
#sufilovers #indialove 🇮🇳

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@arrahman @poorvikoutish9 @BToSproductions Sir when will we get Shreya Ghoshal's songs from #99Songs ??? 🥺🥺

We r waiting for sooo long.

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@arrahman sir when we are getting tamil telegu jukebox of #99songs we are dying to hear @shreyaghoshal 's voice

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Without a Doubt
This Year Belongs To @mehtahansal & @CastingChhabra


Because Of These Two
Atleast Year is Ending On A Great Note...

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@_viju Poll 99 should have featured #99songs bro! Pch pch.. Disappointed! 😏😆😜

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@arrahman When can we expect #99songs in tamil sir?

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@arrahman @nawabzada_india தலைவா அந்த #99songs tamil album வெளியிட்டா புண்ணியமா போகும்🙏🙏

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@arrahman Sir it's my earnest and humble request to release the Tamil & Telegu Jukebox Of #99Songs which contains Shreya Ghoshal Song.We had a little heart break as Hindi JukeBox didn't contain a song in her voice! Please sir #AzhageAaruyire will help us to feel relaxed🙏😊

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@arrahman @PrimeVideoIN @menongautham @DirRajivMenon @hasinimani @karthiksubbaraj @shal_shankar Sir #99Songs Tamil version...❤🎵plz

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@arrahman @itsEhanBhat #99songs When will this film be released? O Aashiqa is stuck in my head it's such a beautiful track!

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@poorvikoutish9 is a revelation! Fresh, powerful & soothing. Another great find by @arrahman!

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Oh what magic are you @arrahman! #99songs is a thick concoction of music, melody & magic.Entranced all over again.ARR's music is investment in time, intellect& senses. Makes me wonder again where is the freaking audience. In deep slumber of mediocrity, remixes, & youTube views.

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@arrahman Sir please Release This version 🙏🏻

#99songs Tamil version ❤ @sidsriram

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Such a masterpiece @arrahman. Thank you Sir, Thank you again for this for this great Music #99songs

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Those who compose for views are mediocre music composers and @arrahman doesn't believe in mediocre stuff!!!
#ARRahman #AlkaYagnik #GoriGodhBhari ♥️ #99Songs

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
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Gear up with a machine as savage as you are.
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Cheering you in this difficult times with the release of the ' #99Songs' whole album on 20th Mar. This includes 14 tracks. Go post your covers, all you birds stuck in your nest 😊
@sonymusicindia @vishweshk @itsEhanBhat @idealentinc
@YM_Movies @jiostudios #99songsthemovie

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